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I’m standing at the end of my fashion undergrad and looking into the world of fashion, thinking about whether everything I’ve learned is enough to jump into such a dynamic industry. 

While my own career in the industry is merely taking shape, I’ve spent the past year navigating through endless fashion resources, events, and discussions in order to find my fashion “groove” that keeps me informed.

Developing a space around me where I can move through the world of fashion and gain knowledge and experience helps me look ahead to my future and feel confident in my surroundings instead of being overwhelmed by the commotion. 

I want to clarify that I’m not talking about staying on top of trends or developing your style, but actually keeping up with fashion and its endless change. This being said, I think there is a way to immerse yourself in learning in a way that fits your values as a curious fashion individual.

So, here is a look into the resources I’ve surrounded myself with in order to keep up with the ever-changing world and find my niche in a saturated digital landscape.


Day-to-day, Instagram is the most frequent and easily-consumable place that I get my fashion, pop culture, and entertainment news from. (Please don’t ask me for my Instagram screen time…)

Aside from influencers and personal style icons, I have a few favourite accounts that keep me updated on what’s going on in the industry.

  • Style Not Com: Blunt and bright blue, Style Not Com is easily the most consumable of them all. Created by Beka Gvishiani, the account shares short headlines of fashion news that you simply can’t miss on your feed.  
  • Glam Observer: Run by Giada Graziano, Glam Observer posts tips and tricks on how to break into a career in fashion. With posts like “How to intern at Vogue” and “Why you need to learn Excel to work in fashion,” this account continues to teach me about the inner workings of making a career in fashion.
  • I Deserve Couture: As informative as it is funny, fashion critic Hanan Besovik’s account keeps fashion light making memes that fashion-informed individuals can understand. 


Between endless, mindless scrolling, TikTok has proven to be a good source for staying fashionably informed. A few of my favourite TikTok creators talk fashion in a way that feels as though I’m FaceTiming a friend. 

  • Bernard Garby: As he makes his morning coffee, Bernard Garby shares the hottest daily fashion news every weekday morning on his TikTok. As a luxury client manager for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Esquire, Garby shares fashion news gossip-style with his extensive knowledge of the industry. 
  • FashionBoy: Benji, known as @fashionboy, calls himself the Fashion Fairy Godmother. His highly energetic videos give you the rundown on anything going on in fashion, from fashion week moments to brand history, trend predictions, and more.
  • Relax it’s only fashion: After every fashion week show, major campaign drop, or celebrity fashion moments, I run to see Timothy Chernyaev’s videos on @relaxitsonlyfashion. His no-flare, monotone opinions keep the conversation real, making him my favourite fashion critic and commentator.


I recommend for anyone who hasn’t gotten into podcasts to do so. With such a boom in popularity, podcasts go beyond just giving me the rundown on social media by giving me deep insight into the fashion world.

Having a weekly or daily podcast to look forward to makes cleaning, walking, and running errands an enjoyable and fashionable moment.

  • High Brow: As described by host and creator Mina Le, High Brow is “a chic podcast for cool girls and self-identified intellectuals.” Le is most definitely an intellectual on seemingly everything. Discussing with deep interest and thought everything in life from fashion, movies, books, and anything going on on the internet. Her podcast pairs lovely with her YouTube channel, where her wisdom on fashion and killer fits really shine.
  • The Run Through with Vogue: Vogue editor Chloe Malle and newly appointed head of British Vogue, Chioma Nnadi, bring an incomparable insider look into the high-fashion world. Talking to the biggest names in fashion, from Victoria Beckham to Law Roach, this podcast has insight you won’t find anywhere else.  
  • The Business of Fashion Podcast: The ultimate source for business journalism in the industry, The Business of Fashion Podcast brings rigorous and quality conversations to fashion. Tackling the big issues in fashion, this podcast keeps me informed by an esteemed and reliable source.


Say it with me: “Never let magazines die!”

Whether digital or in print, a fashion magazine makes me feel connected to fashion in a unique way that no influencer or social media platform can.

I subscribe to the biggest industry titles, such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, and make a habit of sitting down in the morning and reading through the headlines and articles during my daily routine.

On top of the digital issues, my birthday present to myself is a subscription to monthly print issues. Seeing the new Vogue or Elle Canada cover in my mailbox every month brings me an instant boost of serotonin.

Picking even one publication for your fashion insight is an amazing way to know what’s going on in fashion in a quality and tangible way.


While your phone and computer can be a vital part of your daily fashion scrolling, being part of fashion in person is some of the best learning you can gain. Inserting yourself into the world where fashion exists will bring experience and insight you can only get by being present. 

One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is through finding my fashion friends — My Sex and The City, nothing-off-limits, over coffee or wine, type of friends.

Some of my best fashion discussions and insights come from sitting in my living room with my like-minded friends, going through every award show look, sharing magazines, watching music videos, and sending each other the latest campaigns and covers.

Getting outside input on the latest news makes me more creative and an active member of the fashion community! 

As legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland said, “Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time…” The exciting thing about being part of fashion is that there’s change every day.

The best thing I’ve done is establish a rhythm of learning using resources that match my daily style, and I encourage you to find yours as well!

I'm a fourth year student at TMU studying fashion and journalism in the Creative Industries. When I'm not living my Carrie Bradshaw life in the city you can find me outside with my dogs, on the water, or lounging in the sun with a book!