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Healing Crystals 101 + Local Toronto-Based Crystal Shops

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

We open up TikTok and all we see are healing crystals, tarot card readings and people’s spiritual journeys. It almost appears to be a trend, but healing crystals date back to at least 6000 years ago. For some, healing crystals is an avant-garde concept and for others, it’s old news. So where did healing crystals originate and what is the purpose of these gems? Let me tell you – sources state that the practice of healing crystals goes way back to the time period of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. There are also a few sources that claim Ancient Egyptians were also one of the first groups to practice with healing crystals. Healing crystals are used to bring positivity, abundance, relaxation and healing energy into one’s body.

Particular healing crystals resonate with specific chakras of the body. There are 7 in total, starting from the top working our way down, we have the Crown Chakra, Third-eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra. 

My personal experience with healing crystals started two years ago, where I received two special crystals for my 18th birthday: Black Onyx and Apophyllite. At first, it was bizarre to me that “rocks” could have healing energy and powers. As I began to research and discover the healing properties these healing crystals had, I was shocked. There are over a hundred healing crystals out there but I am going to share my favourite crystals to work with and my go-to crystal shops in Toronto! 

Before I start, there are a couple of ways to utilize your crystals: 

*There are more ways but these are my personal favourites*

  1. Simply carry them around with you in your pocket, bag or purse. I prefer to get a smaller sized crystal for this as it’ll be easier to carry around. This can help you get through the day with some grounding energies. 

  2. Wear them as jewelry – rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. 

  3. Meditate with them – this is where you’ll want to use specific healing crystals for particular chakras of your body. Ex: One of the most well-known and popular healing crystals is the Rose Quartz which is excellent for the Heart Chakra. 

  4. Have them around your home or room – I like to keep some on my bedside table. 

  5. You can perform any rituals or speak positive intentions into your healing crystals to help manifest your thoughts. 

Now that you have some basic knowledge about the history behind healing crystals, their purpose and how to use them, let me share with you some of my favourites!


This beautiful purple stone holds healing properties that help enhance intuition, spiritual wisdom and is very protective. It is used to ward off negative energy and is perfect for someone who struggles with nightmares or sleeping problems. I use this crystal under my pillow for some sweet dreams!

Be sure to check out the Instagram page and support a small business by checking out their Etsy shop. The energy given off from their beautiful crystals is definitely ‘above tha clouds’! They have a variety of beautiful crystals! 

Black Onyx

This was one of the first crystals I received for my birthday! This is a wonderful gift and an amazing stone that wards off negative forces. The purpose of this healing crystal is for protection and allows you to get through tough situations. I like to carry this stone around with me daily, as it makes me feel protected and safe!  

Rose Quartz

This pretty pink stone comes with a lot of love and intimacy. Working with this healing stone is perfect for your Heart Chakra and can bring harmony, joy and an appreciation for self-love. This stone allows individuals to open up by giving and receiving love. I love to meditate with this healing crystal by placing it on my Heart Chakra. 


This bright yellowish toned stone is full of energy, abundance and prosperity. This healing crystal brings optimism and motivation which is great for school and long-term goals. I like to use this crystal while I am completing a big project, journaling down my goals and carrying it around with me on special occasions. ​

The Golden Healer Quartz

This stunning quartz crystal holds high vibrational energies that are associated with the entire chakra system. It will eliminate any blockages and negative energies. It gives one the ability to achieve the highest energy throughout their mind, body and aura. I like to meditate with this crystal and keep it on my bedside.


Lastly, the second crystal I received for my birthday! This crystal is unique in its shape and colour. It helps heal those with anxiety and stress. I enjoy having this crystal by me when I am studying for exams or using it to meditate when I am having a rough day. 

To end off this personal guidebook on healing crystals, I’d like to share some of my favourite Toronto-based crystal shops. Be sure to check them out if you’re around the area! 

1. Happy Soul – A beautiful, well-organized shop with amazing staff that will help you with what you need. Right when you enter this store you’ll feel an energy of positivity and serenity. They also hold free Zoom workshops! Check out their Instagram for more information. 

2. House of Energy – This shop is a small crystal shop around Kensington Market that has many options for healing crystals, books, jewelry and tarot card decks. The staff was so friendly and helpful! Great energy and positive vibes.


3. Equilibrio Gems – This organization has many pop-up shops around malls in Toronto. You may even see them at your local shopping centre! They have a variety of healing crystals, and my very first healing crystals were from here! Their customer service and friendliness is a bonus, if you ever have any questions their DM’s are always open to answer any queries you may have! 

Mithushana is a third-year student at Ryerson University. She moved to Toronto when she was 3-years-old from Frankfurt, Germany. Living as a Torontonian for the majority of her life, Mithushana has a special heart for Toronto. She enjoys the city lifestyle and fast-paced energy. Also a huge animal lover! With her strong passion for spreading positivity around the world and as an advocate for wellness and self-care, she wishes to use this platform to voice more goodness into the world. Aspiring to make a change through her writing.
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