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Having An Identity Crisis? These Quizzes Might Help You Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

We’re officially at the crucial point in the semester where time is a construct and too much coffee has been consumed. If you’re like me and hate being unproductive but also need to take a much-needed break from schoolwork, these five quiz platforms might help you out!

Open-Source Psychometrics Project

Open-Source Psychometrics Project is a website that hosts a collection of different personality quizzes. Their character personality quiz has become quite popular on social media, and some of their quizzes are unique, such as their dark triad quiz, which pretty much tells you how evil you are. You can even take their IQ test if you want to try your hand at a shorter version of the original IQ test model. 

Psychology Today

According to their website, Psychology Today is the world’s largest online mental health and behavioural science destination. They offer a variety of psychological quizzes, but some require payment if you want to get in-depth results. You can still take any of their quizzes for free and get basic results, including their career personality and aptitude test and their relationship attachment style test. Some of their tests offer mental health evaluation, and the site also hosts an option to get in touch with a therapist.


uQuiz is probably the most versatile quiz platform on this list. The site offers a bunch of quizzes made by users from around the world; you can find pretty much any kind of quiz on this site, from anime kin quizzes to what Euphoria girl you’re most like. What makes it even better is most of the quizzes use Gen-Z language, which makes for hilarious end results. 


365Tests is a fun platform for more lighthearted quiz-taking, where you can find out what decade you should have been born in or even how others might perceive you through a welcoming smile or cold shoulder quiz. These quizzes are great for a really quick break from work, and they usually take around five minutes to complete.

The Love Archetype Quiz + Personal Colour Test

Both of these quiz platforms feature one quiz each. The Love Archetype Quiz lets you find out which love archetype best suits you, and the Personal Colour Test assigns you a colour that best describes your personality. I found that the Personal Colour Test was weirdly accurate and it took me less than five minutes to do, which is great for a quick study break. 

Alina Snisarenko

Toronto MU '23

Originally from Russia but Toronto-based for the past 14 years, Alina is a third-year journalism student at Ryerson University. From fashion to politics, she loves intersecting her passions into one story! If she's not playing guitar, thrifting, or engrossed in a fantasy novel, you'll probably find her writing about her latest idea for a short story!