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Music is such an important part of our lives. It motivates us when we are feeling down, helps us celebrate our victories, and even communicates our feelings to those we love. Since music holds such emotional value to so many, sometimes finding new music can be a challenge. I know I am definitely guilty of falling into a rut of listening to my top five favourite songs on repeat. But, discovering a new musician that makes you fall head over heels for their art is a beautiful thing. With American artists dominating the charts and the news cycle, sometimes it’s easy to forget how much talent can be found in Canada. I know that when I let my curiosity take over and dove into our local talent, I was amazed by what I found. Here is a list of incredible Canadian artists that you need to add to your queue. 


Valley is an indie pop band from Toronto Ontario that is making waves with their storytelling and picture-perfect aesthetic. This band reminded me a lot of my favourite band in high school, 1975. I think that is what initially drew me to this group, but their beautiful vocals and powerful music is what made me a fan. Another amazing thing about this group is how authentically Canadian they are by constantly showcasing their home throughout their social media presence. My favourite song by Valley has to be a tie between Park Bench and Homebody


  Magi Merlin   


Magi Merlin is an artist that I discovered through Instagram. She instantly captivated me by her powerful voice and idiosyncratic artistry. Magi is an R&B Soul artist that is based in Montreal Quebec, and is inspired by the work of Frank Ocean. Her passion for creating doesn't stop with her music, she also has incredible music videos to compliment her work. Her latest music video and song Mock Meat transports her audience to a fantastical world where she is singing in a void. My favourite song by Magi Merlin has to be Instructions.


GRAE is an indie-pop singer from Toronto Ontario, whose individuality and pure talent made me listen to her music on repeat. The best part about this musician is how she chronicles her life through music, photoshoots and music videos. Upon listening to her music for the first time, she reminded me of the likes of King Princess and Lana Del Rey. Each music video that GRAE releases feel like a film because of the quality of her work and the storytelling ability she possesses. My favourite song by GRAE has to be Slow Down. 

The Beaches


The Beaches are the badass female rock band I never knew I needed but now can’t live without. The name of this group may sound familiar because they named it after the area in Toronto they grew up in. Each member of this band is just as talented as the last, which combine to create an unstoppable group. I discovered this band through suggested artists on Spotify, and their music instantly reminded me of The Killers. Their music videos are artistic and expertly crafted which fits the vibe of their music perfectly. My favourite song from this group has to be Lame.

I am so glad that I ventured past the music I know to find these incredible musicians. Seeing the work of talented Canadians never fails to inspire me to keep on creating and innovating. 

Audrey Crunkleton

Toronto MU '22

Audrey is a third-year media production student at Ryerson University. Originally from a small town in Northern Ontario, she moved to Toronto to pursue her dreams of making an impact in the media scene. She specializes in tv production and more specifically the post-production side of things. However, in between daydreaming and being on set Audrey spends her time exploring the city and playing board games with her friends. Her biggest goal in life besides being featured in a film festival is to finally own a French bulldog! She loves all aspects of media including marketing, the business end of things, and production because she recognizes each sector's importance towards effective storytelling. Audrey looks forward to using her talents towards speaking out on topics that need a voice.
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