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Best Places to Eat in Toronto’s Chinatown

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Toronto’s Chinatown offers many delicious meals and snacks for anyone and everyone. In the centre of the three major universities in Toronto (OCAD, University of Toronto and TMU), Chinatown provides the best prices for students in an extremely expensive city, with delicious food from small mom-and-pop businesses that leave you satisfied. Here are some of my favourite spots I would recommend when in Chinatown, whether you’re in a hurry or want to relax and dine in with some friends.

Banh Mi Nguyen Huong – 322 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Have you ever seen people carrying around long sandwiches in brown paper bags downtown? More likely than not, they’re from Toronto’s iconic Banh Mi Nguyen Huong. They have been serving classic Vietnamese sandwiches––Banh Mi––for almost 40 years at unbeatable prices, with most being under five dollars. The Banh Mi is made with fresh French buns with fillings of your choice, from deli meats and BBQ chicken or pork. They also serve delicious Vietnamese sweets, snacks and drinks. Not only do they have a location in Chinatown, but many others in the GTA, including Scarborough, North York and Vaughan. 

Juicy Dumpling – 280 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Another extremely popular and affordable option is Juicy Dumpling, serving sets of six soup dumplings for only $3.99. Their dumplings are always served piping hot, so beware of the hot soup. The pan-fried juicy pork buns are also a great option; they’re a little bigger with more filling and crunch. They also offer scallion pancakes and various steamed buns. For the quality and price, Juicy Dumpling is worth a visit––or many with their short wait times and quick service.

Dumpling House Restaurant –  328 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON

A cozy mom-and-pop-run restaurant to go with friends after a long day for great food, reasonable prices and amazing service. Known for their crispy pan-fried dumplings, they offer a variety of classic items ranging from noodles, fried rice, chicken, beef and pork dishes, as well as soups and stir fry. With big portions great for sharing and a large selection of items, they have something for everyone. I would definitely recommend sitting in and dining, but remember to bring cash, as it is cash-only. 

Shobi Siva

Toronto MU '25

Shobi is a third-year Economics student at Toronto Metropolitan University, minoring in English. With a passion for writing, hoping to connect young woman in post-secondary education through open, and candid conversations. All while keeping things light hearted, reassuring, and being unafraid to laugh at yourself.