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mother with two children at the park
mother with two children at the park
Photo by Mohammed Ashraf
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Most people find their relationship with their mom to be their most intimate bond. There’s a unique and irreplaceable quality to a mom’s love, an unparalleled force that shapes and moulds us. They teach us lessons that aren’t always clear to us, make constant sacrifices for the betterment of their children, and love us unconditionally. 

Motherhood has to be the most difficult, all-consuming, and passionate job a person can ever hold. It’s a relentless commitment of putting the needs of your children before your own. The day you become a mom, you no longer come first. Your children become the forefront of your thoughts, the very core of your existence, and your utmost priority. 

There’s no denying the profound and immeasurable impact my mom has had on my life. She embodies qualities that I can only aspire to imitate — she’s courageous, resilient, selfless, and compassionate. She epitomizes the role of not just a mom, but a best friend and a guardian angel. She has, without a doubt, shaped the person I am today.

I know my mom would cross oceans for me. She would commit to an entirely new life for me, leave behind everyone she’s ever known, and abandon all sense of security. I know this because that’s exactly what she’s done. 

Leaving behind the familiar sights, sounds, and warmth of her community, she chose the path of uncertainty in pursuit of a better life for her children. She, alongside my dad, created a new life for us. One that we would have never known if not for their faith and determination.

With two sisters and four brothers, my mom was the baby of her family but quickly proved to be an independent, responsible, and capable adult. She was a newlywed and mom of a newborn when she and my dad decided to move across the world from Pakistan to Canada. With my dad working long hours to support the family, it was tough for her. Along with all of her family being back home, she was virtually on her own. Fortunately, she’s been back to visit them numerous times, but I know she longs to return home for good and experience life with her siblings again.

It didn’t take long for one child to become five. And even though she had a lot on her plate, my mom never lost her enthusiasm or passion for motherhood. She always strived to make sure we had a good life. Even if we couldn’t afford the best toys or go on exciting travels, my parents did a great job of giving us the best childhood. 

Growing up, I didn’t fully grasp the extent of her sacrifices — the relentless dedication that is motherhood, a job without breaks or time off. I didn’t realize that it’s my mom’s first time at life, too. Yet, she shows me the ropes while still learning them on her own

Oftentimes, we become too comfortable and blissfully unaware of the blessings we have in our lives. I, too, find myself not actively recognizing or appreciating my mom’s selflessness at times. Her support and hard work have been so consistent throughout my life that it just appears to be the norm. In a twisted way, it becomes something you feel entitled to. Truth is, it’s the most challenging role one can take on. 

It’s when you become an adult that you finally come to understand the depth of a mom’s love. You learn to look at things from a different perspective. You inevitably discover the family lore, and that occasionally leaves you heartbroken for all that your parents have endured. And all that, for you. 

When it comes down to it, my mom is everything to me. She’s my single favourite person on the planet; she’s the one person in my life that I know will always be in my corner and the one person who has taught me and given me nothing but unconditional love. I would be nowhere near where I am today if it wasn’t for my mom’s unwavering support and dedication. Every decision I make, and every endeavour I pursue is in her honour.

Mothers may give life to children, but moms devote their lives to raising their children. 

To become a mother, you only need nine months. Being a mom, however, takes a life of complete commitment. It takes a life of burdens and responsibilities, heartaches and joys, highs and lows.

It’s easy to be a mother, but she chooses to be my mom every day, and not a moment goes by that I’m not thankful for it.

Thank you for everything, mama; I love you. 

Aishah Ashraf is a fourth-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University whose hopes to pursue a career as a talk-show host are fuelled by her passion to remedy the absence of female Muslim representation in the entertainment industry. When she isn’t writing, you can find her rambling on about pop culture, watching football, or binge-watching shows on Netflix like the television fanatic she is.