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With classes, meetings and even hangouts being online this year, using Zoom has become a norm that we’ve quickly gotten accustomed to. It can be hard to stay focused and motivated when everything is on Zoom but looking your best can help you feel your best, even if it’s over a video call. Ever wonder how you can achieve that effortless on-camera look? Here are five ways you can present your best self on Zoom: 

Work those angles

When trying to take a good selfie, it’s all about the angles – the same goes for video conferencing and Zoom calls. Prop your laptop up to eye level so that you’re not looking too far down or too far up. You can get an adjustable laptop stand, but for a DIY option, you can use a small box or a pile of textbooks to adjust the height of your laptop to get that perfect setting. This will give you the most flattering angle and help you achieve the best on-camera look. 

Lights, camera, action!

Proper lighting can do wonders for your on-screen appearance. If you’re using natural light from a window, ensure that you’re sitting with the window in front of you, not behind. This will avoid you looking overexposed and will instead make you look natural and radiant. If you’re using light from a desk or ceiling lamp, make sure you’re not sitting directly under the light as this can create harsh shadows on your face. Instead, move your laptop a few steps behind the light source to give you a balanced lighting effect. 

Head to the powder room

A little dust of powder on your face can go a long way! We naturally look shinier when there’s light hitting our faces, especially on camera. Using a drugstore matte translucent powder can help combat some of the shine, making you look more natural on-screen. You can find one at your local drug store, mall and even online. 

Smile for the camera!

This is the easiest, and in my opinion, the best tip! During meetings, it’s easy to fall into having a straight and emotionless blank face when you’re trying to focus. Simply smiling during a Zoom call will add personality and joy to your online presence. Smiling at someone can also intuitively get them to smile back at you, which is always a good thing!   

Pull out your bright colours

The camera loves bright colours! Wearing a solid coloured top in red, blue or green are the optimal colours for on-screen wear. Try not to wear a top that blends in with your background because it can wash you out and won’t allow you to stand out. Small patterns are usually okay but avoid stripes as the camera can create a weird optical effect that can be distracting. 

Asmaa Toor

Toronto MU '21

Asmaa is a fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson. You can usually find her spending time with her friends or trying out new glam makeup looks. She loves all things journalism and writes about just anything and everything, from beauty to business to current affairs. You can catch her on Instagram @asmaatoor.