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It is nearing the most wonderful time of the year! We are reaching the time of the year where many give their significant others gifts, but when it comes to relationships, we sometimes hit a stump on what to do. So here are four memorable date ideas for your significant other.

1. Mall date
The mall is overflowing with shops, where one or another will have what your partner wants. Between shoes, clothes, scents and a movie with snacks afterwards, it creates such a beautiful one-o-one time especially with how flustering and overwhelming this time of the year can be. Plus you will be indoors so no need to worry about freezing!

2. Trip Away
This time of the year can cause mass anxiety and stress between finals, family gatherings and much more, so a weekend away is exactly what the doctor ordered. There are so many places that are just a few hours away. The beautiful river walk in San Antonio, the amazing food district in Dallas and Houston, or even a weekend trip up to Lake Travis not only allows the perfect weekend with your significant other, but allows you to spend some time with them.

3. Date Night Downtown
Who doesn’t love Austin’s downtown district especially now that the weather is finally not scorching hot. There are beautiful lights and a vast amount of food options that gives you and your partner an enjoyable night to dress up. If you like Italian food, I highly recommend Taverna as a must go!

4. Movie Night In
A night in with your significant lover can be so fun. Of course there will be the stress of choosing a movie, but once that is chosen, you can have your favorite snacks, matching onesies, and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Who doesn’t love the overall aesthetic of a cold outside while staying warm and toasty with your lover. Just make sure to bundle up with plenty of blankets!!

Daisy Ruiz

Texas '25

Hi! I'm Daisy and I'm a current economics major here at UT Austin. I love anything skincare related, my dogs, and going to new places.