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It has been over a year since I have converted to using a menstrual cup and it has been the best decision I have ever made. I was tired of the discomfort that using traditional menstrual products caused. I tried alternative period products but ultimately landed on the June Cup, which I have grown to love over this past year. I understand that the conversation of periods may be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but it shouldn’t be! At least half of the population menstruates and by delving deep into the different kinds of products that are available to people who experience menstruation, we can make our periods more bearable, and dare I say something to look forward to!

Less environmental waste:

It is no surprise that period products like tampons and pads contribute to much landfill waste. By using period cups or other reusable menstrual products we can drastically reduce the waste produced by our periods. Menstrual cups can last for years, so imagine how much we would be helping our environment by switching to reusable period products like the menstrual cup.

12-hour wear:

Menstrual cups allow users to wear them for up to 12 hours, which was a major contributing factor as to why I decided to start using one. Unlike pads or tampons, a menstrual cup allows you to go the whole day without worrying about changing them in the middle of the day. In my personal experience, I would have to plan my whole day around my period, but with the menstrual cup, I am no longer confined to these 3-4 hour windows of having to change out my pad or tampon. Another benefit of this 12 hour wear time is being able to sleep without the frustration of having to wake up in the middle of the night to change my pad or tampon. The cup has allowed me to rest comfortably through the night without the looming fear of leakage.

More freedom in what I wear:

Using a menstrual cup has given me the confidence to wear whatever I want, including white jeans! Prior to my menstrual cup, I would hide beneath my black sweats to avoid any potential leaks. The switch to using the June Cup has completely torn down any limitations in my wardrobe during this time of the month. I finally feel free enough to wear any piece of clothing without the fear of experiencing any leakage.

No longer feeling limited in what I can or can’t do:

By switching to menstrual cups, I no longer feel limited in what I can or can’t do during my period. We all know the feeling of not being able to do certain activities like swimming or exercising because of our period. The menstrual cup completely erases these limitations and gives me the freedom to go on hikes or swim laps during a time when many feel as though they are confined by their periods.


While the initial purchase of a menstrual cup can be a bit expensive, it is a one-time purchase that ends up saving you tons of money in the long run. People who menstruate must repurchase products constantly which can become very costly over time. Unlike pads or tampons, a menstrual cup is a one-time purchase that ends up saving users hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the span of many years. It should also be noted that with the increasing popularity and range of reusable period products, companies are making much more affordable and accessible options for consumers. 

The most empowering thing ever:

I have learned a lot about myself and menstruation over this past year.  I have grown to love and appreciate my period, which is something that I could have never said had it not been for my menstrual cup. I have even been able to convince my friends to try menstrual cups and we have bonded even more through this experience. While I have had some issues during my menstrual cup journey, I have been able to feel more empowered during a time of the month that is vulnerable for many.

With all this being said, I want to acknowledge that finding the right menstrual product is a very personal choice and by no means am I judging those who do not want to use a menstrual cup. There are many factors that go into finding the right products for you and your period and you should ultimately choose what you are most comfortable with!

I am a business student at The University of Texas at Austin who is passionate about all things beauty and fashion!
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