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Why I Love Bows

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If it’s one thing that I wear almost every day, it’s the bows and ribbons that I put in my hair. I see it as a way to uplift and revamp my outfits and overall style! Bows can definitely add a lot to an outfit and can make you feel cute and well put together. Styling your hair with bows can be endless since you can incorporate them in most hairstyles, but you can also add them to your clothes, purses, water bottles, backpacks, and more! 

As for ribbons, I like to buy satin ribbons that are sold at Michael’s and cut them to a certain length, depending on my mood. I usually like to cut the ribbon at around 8 inches so that way the ribbon can be a little longer and so it could have more of a bow shape when I add them to my hair. I tend to do this whenever I wear braids and attach the ribbon to the bottom and top parts of the braid to give the braid more of a girly look that will stand out and make your outfit pop even more! I also like to use this ribbon to add to other things such as the strap of my purse, my doorknob, and my water bottle! I think the ribbons really add a lot to it and really tell a lot about my personality and love for adding ribbon to absolutely anything. 

Here’s a video with different ribbon hairstyles that I recommend trying! These will definitely add a lot more to your style and will look gorgeous with any type of outfit!

I’m obsessed with the elegance and beauty that bows bring and a touch of delicacy that they bring to anything you add whether that be in your hair or on a gift. I also love the whimsical feeling that bows bring, that create a sense of innocence and happiness whenever you see them, which makes me want to wear them all the time! As someone who is mainly introverted, wearing bows can often help me to express my personality when I’m around others, which really reflects my own style and character. Also, on the days that I’m feeling down, I love to put on a bow because it transforms my entire look and motivates me to go out and express myself, leaving a positive impact on me. 

Sara Presas is a third year Psychology major with a minor in Business at the University of Texas at Austin and is going on her second year with Her Campus. She loves writing about pop culture, life experiences, music, and fashion. In her free time, she loves going to concerts, discovering new music, and being with friends.