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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

I am a writer. Not declaring myself as a good or a bad writer. Simply a passionate writer. Someone who dedicates her time to writing to find comfort and warmth through her own words. 

I write for many reasons but being able to communicate with myself is one of the biggest reasons. When I write, I meet the person inside me. I enjoy talking to her. I write to engage deeply with myself and my feelings. Perhaps I mostly enjoy writing about my internal voice because I know how important it is to me.

Sometimes I can see how I am truly feeling in my writing. But what my writing has shown me is that I have a beautiful vision of how I view the community and people around me and how I have the power to feel for others. My writing has connected me more with not only myself but also with others.

Sometimes I want to write because I want to keep pieces of memories within me. I want to keep the experiences, friendships, and relationships close to me. Writing allows me to keep core memories glued to my heart. I admire writing about how my day went and how someone made me feel. I can write about a deep conversation I had. I never want to forget these moments that are heartwarming to me. With writing, I can keep these moments with me forever.

It’s where I not only escape from distractions around me but also learn to be in the present moment. However, there are times when I need a pause from my own writing, and I am learning to be okay with it. I hope you are able to enjoy my writing, as it takes a lot for me to write and publish it. My articles mean a lot to me, and I am super emotional while writing them. I know how important writing is to me. My writing is pieces of me that hold me together, and I am always thankful to share it, which may help someone like me.

Falling in love with writing allows me to fall in love with myself. I find closure in my writing. Perhaps it is not as difficult for me to get writer’s block because I have so much within me that I want to share and explore. But there is only much I am able to share. However, what I can share is that I will keep learning, and I will continue to write.

It takes courage to share your heart, and I think that should be celebrated. Being a writer allows me to be authentic, vibrant, and kind. Being vulnerable is important to me in everything I create because it ensures that I share my authentic self and stay true to my vision.

Hi, I hope you find me through my words :)