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Creating a schedule for tasks might feel redundant, unnecessary even. Yet, a schedule can be very beneficial for managing stress and time. Scheduling can help boost productivity and help prioritize our daily activities. The perks of a schedule vary from person to person, job to job, or class to class but the overall idea of a schedule is a universal tool.

The idea of planning, to some, might appear as “not living in the moment”--- I believe planning helps us live to the fullest in our day to day and enjoy the moment since there is no need to worry about the upcoming future; because it’s already planned!

Here are some of the many benefits that I believe a schedule can provide. Organization skills are crucial, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Things change constantly and most things are out of our control but a bit of planning allows us to have the right tools to face this out-of-control world.

1.  Helps control stress

By having a routine and planning ahead of time you will become less stressed. Sure, a schedule is not going to solve the day-to-day uncontrollable situations we all face, but it can surely ease the process. A schedule is a good way to plan your time accordingly without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. Though stress seems like it is not manageable, applying these tools might make it easier to feel less anxious. The organization will follow with being calm and collected which helps complete tasks in a more efficient way

2. Time management 

By having a schedule you are able to prioritize your time. It helps you be on top of what is most important. By planning you will rush less which can improve the quality of both professional and personal goals. Keeping a planner, for example, allows you to make sure your meetings, zoom calls or classes are not intertwining with one another. By being organized and prepared you will begin making fewer mistakes when making appointments and you will make it a habit to check your daily schedule and know what the day holds ahead. Making lists is another great way to feel accomplished and manage your time. It is important to be able to spend time where and on what matters while still completing responsibilities.

3. Prepares you for the unexpected 

Having a schedule and being organized can prepare you better for an unexpected situation. You have the tools and necessary planning to address the situation. Your organization skills will make you a better problem solver for when problems like these arise. Believe it or not, planning also allows you to be spontaneous because there is a structure to fall back on. You can be ahead of the game and complete tasks efficiently and then have free time to let life be spontaneous. It is important to recognize the difference between being organized and having a schedule to follow and being too hard on yourself to where you can’t have some fun.

4. Helps you focus 

A schedule is so helpful when needing to focus. Giving yourself time at the beginning of the month, week, or day to write down goals and schedule out assignments, meetings or responsibilities helps you focus and increases productivity. If you have deadlines to hit or places to be in a short span of time, your organization skills will help you focus on these tasks so that they are completed to the best of your ability 

5. Keeps you accountable 

Last but certainly not least, a schedule keeps you accountable! It is exciting having events or projects to look forward to but it is not always as easy to follow through. By having a calendar, planner, or list it will be easier to check that what is important is getting done. You can check that you are reaching the goals you set for yourself. Having accountability is crucial and sometimes it is difficult to push it on ourselves without some reminders.

Hi! My name is Sofia Vargas Karam and I am a first year Journalism major. I am passionate about mental health, traveling and keeping a balanced lifestyle! I was born in Mexico and my dad's side of the family is French and my mom's is Lebanese. My background and family history allow me to have unique views and experiences that I love to share with others!
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