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What’s on my Desk Right Now

As a college student, it’s about that time of year...finals. It’s the time of year where every student around you is experiencing the same cram session and delusion. With my freshman year finals already under my belt, I thought my sophomore ones would be a breeze but it’s shaping up to not be. Most of my classes are asynchronous with few assignments so trying to fit a whole semester in my brain in a week isn’t going to end well...But as I’m writing this article instead of studying for my finals I realize in order to successfully study you need a good desk setup. 

One thing is essential on your desk while studying and it’s a candle. Any scent you want but specifically, the eucalyptus stress relief candle is the best. It calms you down but isn’t distracting. Obviously, you also need your studying materials. Whether it’s an iPad or notebook, set them up in an organized way, while putting everything on do not disturb so you can completely be honed in. Make sure no distracting photos or lights are on your desk and if you are like me you’ll want a stress ball or something to mess with if you need movement. 

Besides those things, your desk must be clean and in a good spot where you can see the door in case you have to tell your roommate to not come in. Water or coffee in my case is a must-have because it will keep you awake and alert. These small items can do a lot without you even realizing it. Ensuring your desk is a stress-free zone will let those semester cram sessions before finals be slightly less painful. So get a good desk and good luck with finals to my fellow students! 

Hi! I'm studying Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, going on walks, and reading.
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