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What Does “Big 3” Mean and How To Find It

Has anyone ever asked for your big three and you had no idea what they were talking about? Whether you’re into astrology or not I think it’s always a cool thing to know your own big three.

What Is The “Big Three”?

In astrology, your big three refers to your sun, moon, and rising sign in your birth chart. Now you may not know what a birth (or natal) chart is. It’s a chart that shows where the planets, moon, and sun were aligned in the sky at the time, date, and location of your birth. Knowing and examining your big three can give you more insight into your personality, the people you get along best with, your love life, your career, and more.

How To Find Your Big Three

First, you want to know the location, date, and time of when you were born. It’s important that these, especially your birth time, are as accurate as possible for the best results. So pull out that birth certificate and let’s get going! Second, you want to find a birth (or natal) chart calculator online. Some of my favorite websites are Astro.com and Cafeastrology.com. Typically, they’re pretty self-explanatory and will ask for your basic information and birth information. Once you have done this, it will pull up A LOT of information, but don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged. We’re only focusing on our sun, moon, and rising sign this time. Locate your zodiac signs for these 3 and let me explain more about each one. 

The Sun Sign

You may not know it, but you’re probably already familiar with your sun sign. Whenever people ask for your zodiac sign, this is what you tell them. It’s based only on your birthday. It’s also what you may read about when you’re viewing horoscopes. Your sun sign basically is your outer self and how you typically express yourself the most. It’s also seen as the core of your personality and identity. 

The Moon Sign

In summary, your moon sign represents your inner self and emotions. The traits of your moon sign will show your inner personality and subconscious self. It can also be seen as your “hidden personality” or what you keep from others.

The Rising (Or Ascendant Sign)

Your rising sign represents the way people see and perceive you. This shows the parts of your personality that you reflect the most to others, especially to those you meet for the first time. It shows how you express yourself to them. 


Now that you know your big three, some background knowledge, and the signs they’re in, you can learn what each one means for you. Just searching up  “Aries Sun”, “Capricorn Moon” or “Libra Rising” can find plenty of results to dive into. Knowing your big three can help you learn more about yourself on a deeper level. If you felt like your sun sign (aka the one you probably knew before reading this) was not relatable then this is a reminder that so many of your other placements and their signs describe you in different aspects of your life. It can be fun researching these things and I encourage you to continue if this is something you find yourself interested in!

Alexis is a junior journalism major at the University of Texas At Austin. She enjoys writing about pop culture, entertainment, beauty and food. IG: @ave_lexi
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