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What Character From ‘The Bear’ Are You Based On Your Sign

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During the first week of the semester, my roommate and I binge-watched the entirety of FX’s hit show The Bear. Of all the TV shows I’ve watched, The Bear is definitely one of the most unique in terms of its plot and cinematography. The show takes viewers to the kitchen of a humble yet iconic Chicago sandwich restaurant, which is suddenly thrust into the hands of Michelin Star chef, Carmy after the previous owner (his brother) passed away. While the show largely revolved around food and chefs screaming at each other, it also shows the importance and value of “chosen family.” If you’re also obsessed with The Bear and zodiac signs (like me!), then keep reading to find out which character you are most like!

Aries – Tina

While Aries often come off as stubborn and assertive, deep down they’re very ambitious and competitive people. At the beginning of the show, we see Tina frequently arguing with Carmy and Syd about how the restaurant should be run. By the second season, Tina is promoted and working hard at culinary school to be the best chef she can be. Like Tina, Aries are passionate about what they want and work hard to get it!

Taurus – Sydney

While most of the show is full of chaos, Syd is like a breath of fresh air. Calm and laid-back, Syd is usually the first one to try to break up arguments and get everyone back on track. Like Syd, Tauruses are chill, peaceful, and give solid advice.

Gemini – Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto

In both seasons of the show, we see Carmy all over the place. In season one, he’s grieving over the death of his brother while trying to run a restaurant full of people who don’t like him. In season two, he’s simultaneously building his own restaurant and experiencing a romantic relationship for the first time. Like Carmy, Geminis are clever and flexible at their best but impulsive and anxious at their worst.

Cancer – Marcus

Marcus was one of my favorite characters in the show because he’s such a big sweetheart. In season two, we see him taking care of his ill mother and lifting the spirits of the kitchen. Like Marcus, Cancers are kind, nurturing, and protective of their loved ones.

Leo – Mike “Mikey” Berzatto

We don’t see much of Carmy and Sugar’s brother Mikey in the show, but he always seems to be the center of attention in the scenes he’s in. He’s the polar opposite of Carmy, who struggles socially and swims in self-doubt. Like Mikey, Leos are extroverted, confident, and inspire the people they’re around.

Virgo – Natalie “Sugar” Berzatto

Carmy’s sister Natalie appears to be the only person in the entire show who has their sh*t together. When she’s not busy helping plan the remodel of the restaurant and dealing with her family’s emotional baggage, she’s a loyal friend and a great listener. Like Natalie, Virgos are incredibly hardworking and devoted to the people they care about.

Libra – Ebra (Ebraheim)

Libras are all about balance. In the show, Ebra definitely appears to be one of the calmer characters. Like a Libra, Ebra is able to help balance all of the strong attitudes around him with his tranquil vibe.

Scorpio – Richie (Cousin!)

Of all the characters in the show, no one has more growth than Richie. When we’re first introduced to him, he’s immature, angry, and seems to not have any sense of direction. In the second season, he’s found a passion for serving others and values learning new things. Like Richie, Scorpios are often misunderstood but are actually quite brave and passionate people.

Saggitarius – Pete

In the show, Pete is Sugar’s husband who’s never really been able to grow out of being the outsider of the family. Because he married in, the Berzatto family doesn’t seem to understand him or view him as one of their own. Regardless, Pete is easygoing and optimistic like a Saggitarius.

Capricorn – Cicero (Uncle Jimmy)

Whenever a character wants money or a job, they turn to Cicero. Hardworking and successful, Capricorns are sometimes described as visionaries. In order to have his extensive funds, Cicero must be successful from years of working in a mystery job. Like Cicero, Capricorns are determined and strong.

Aquarius – Fak

Whenever something breaks down, Fak is the first person everyone calls. Silly and innovative, Fak is there to fix anything that’s broken, much like an Aquarius.

Pisces – claire

Aside from embodying the manic-pixie-dreamgirl troupe (that’s a whole other article), Claire has a very dreamy vibe to her. While we don’t know much about her, she’s presented as someone who’s empathetic and in tune with her emotions like a Pisces.

Sarah is a second-year journalism student at the University of Texas at Austin and serves as a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Texas. She loves fashion, beauty, and music and enjoys sharing these interests in her writing.