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Ways to Elevate Your Morning Routine

Since returning to school after Covid, I’ve found it harder than ever to get up and get started in the mornings. This semester I’ve made it my mission to create a morning that is the best way for me to begin my days. Even now, I’m still trying to figure out my perfect morning routine, but here are a few of my favorite ways to elevate your morning routine. 

Get some movement in 

We spend so much time on our computers these days that sometimes I find myself sitting at my desk for hours without much movement. For a time, I was practicing yoga every other morning, and it was the perfect day to start my day. On days when I wasn’t doing yoga, I would find a friend to go on a walk with. I usually aim for about 30 minutes of walking. 

Read something 

It’s so easy to start the day off by scrolling through your phone on social media, but I’ve learned that it’s always nice when I have time in the morning to do some light reading. Sometimes I’ll read a chapter of whatever book I’m reading at the moment, or other times I’ll read a page out of my daily devotional. Whatever you read, it’s an excellent way to ease into the day. 

Find a breakfast food you’re excited about

I haven’t been a morning person in a long time, so I look for any reason I can find to be excited about mornings. This year I’ve discovered that I love Chobani greek yogurt, so I like to switch it up and try new flavors often. If you can, treat yourself to your favorite food at breakfast, so you know you have something to look forward to when you get up.

Accomplish one thing you need done for the day 

Most days, I write my to-do list the night before, so once I’m up and dressed, I like to check off one thing before I go to my first class or meeting of the day. I usually try to knock out small but time-consuming tasks like replying to emails or submitting essays, but other times when I feel more alert, I take some time to get a head start on my studies. 

Hi, I'm Jessica Mick! I am a junior journalism student at the University of Texas. In my free time I enjoy exploring Austin with my friends, reading new books, and going on walks.
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