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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Break Guide

For many collegiettes™, this will be their first time home since classes started, so they want to make the most out of their time back at the nest, whether it’s visiting with family or catching up with old friends.

But what’s a girl to do?

No matter where you are headed this holiday, there are plenty of activities to fill your break with much fun and holiday cheer.

Family Time:
85th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Remember the magic of watching an enormous Snoopy and other favorite characters floating through the sky of New York City on the television as a kid? Relive your childhood and share the joy with younger relatives by watching the annual show filled with various performances, extravagant floats and more.

Let the Games Begin! Bring your A-game to the table by gathering your siblings together and challenging the parents to a friendly competition. You can compete with a Wii tournament, or bust out your favorite traditional board games. Make it more interesting by wagering a dreaded chore like washing the dishes!
Become the Sous-Chef (aka the assistant cook) The food does not put itself on the table! Help out the family by preparing one of the dishes for the big feast, or offer to run to the store to purchase any last minute items. Even the smallest act such as setting the table can be a great help. After all, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that others--especially your family--have done for you and to show your gratitude.
UT vs. A&M Football Game Watch the Longhorns (hopefully) crush the Aggies alongside your family Thanksgiving Day; destroying the Aggies is more than enough to be thankful for!

Friend Time:
Hit the Movies Grab your crew for a classic night out at the theater. If you’re feeling the nostalgia of childhood and need a good laugh, watch Kermit and the gang save their theater from being demolished in The Muppets. If you are feeling more of a good old girls’ night, the new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part I will be a great chick flick to swoon over two Hollywood cuties.

Black Friday Start researching specials at all of your favorite stores, grab some friends, and plan for a full day of shopping either starting at midnight or early in the morning. Have a contest on who can find the best deal and head over to your favorite 24/7 dinner for some victory breakfast.

Help the Community:
Thanksgiving is defined as an expression of gratitude. What is a better way to show your appreciation than to give back to the less fortunate? There are numerous ways to help out from something as simple as donating canned goods, to volunteering to serve food to the needy. Any deed can make a difference in someone’s life.

Down Time:
Don’t forget to treat yourself to some relaxation before you arrive back on campus! Finals are only a few short weeks away, and you will need a lot more than the luck of the albino squirrel to help you ace that chemistry test! Take some time for your hobbies whether it is reading a book, or baking up a storm.


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