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The Ultimate Guide to Austin’s Boba

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

You probably see a lot of students on campus sipping something from a clear plastic cup with black pearls at the bottom, from a abnormally thick straw.

So, what IS this drink?

It’s Boba/ Bubble Tea!!

Boba / Bubble tea is a drink from Taiwan that’s been rapidly gaining popularity in America. But what EXACTLY is Boba (aka the black pearls at the bottom)?

It’s tapioca, which is a gluten-free starch extracted from the root of a cassava plant. However,the actual drink is made from a tea base often mixed with milk and flavoring of your choice.

Now you’re probably asking where you can get this tasty drink near campus.

Believe it or not, there’s so many boba places around campus where you can get a boba drink of your choice!

  1. Coco’s Cafe – 1910 Guadalupe St.

A small cafe on Guadalupe St. that serves the most vibrant and diverse drinks along with good food! Not only can you add tapioca to your drink, but you can also add in toppings such as almond pudding, lychee jelly (my personal favorite) and many more! Coco’s offers slushies, teas, coffee and snow ice as well that you can add any kind of topping to.

This small cafe won’t disappoint you, and I assure you you’ll leave with a delicious drink in your hand and a happy heart.



Writer: I recommend the Thai Tea with regular tapioca balls! I know it’s basic, but I personally think the thai tea here is better compared to other places – it’s sweeter and I have a really bad sweet tooth so sweet = good.

Stephanie Jeong: I like the watermelon juice! I had it on a super hot day before and it was super refreshing! That memory is still stuck in my head so I get it every single time I go.  

Miranda: I think the milk tea is good! It always tastes well made and not fake or anything.

    2. Tapioca House – 1906 Guadalupe St.

Tapioca House is a few shops down from Coco’s cafe on Guadalupe St. Though seating is limited in Tapioca House, the huge menu located on your right when you walk in will probably make you stand there not being able to decide for at least 5 – 10 mins, more if you’re really indecisive.


Stacy Gomez: The Honey Jasmine Milk Tea is really good! I tried it at a different place first, and I loved it! I was so happy when I found out that Tap House had it since it’s close to campus too!

    3. Mango 8 – 705 W. 24th St.

Do you want something artsy to post on your Snapchat story? Then stop by Mango 8 and  order any drink in a lightbulb looking glass! They even give you a little light that you can put under your light bulb drink, just for ~aesthetics~. Even better, Mango 8 is located next to Sushi Niichi, so after a nice meal you can stop by for a tasty dessert!


Stephanie Jeong: I like the Longhorn because it’s very carbonated and I really like the bubbly feeling the drink provides.

Bumhee Kim: I like getting the Beach – it’s kinda like a pina colada slushee, and their Passion Refresher- it’s fruity and cold and good.

Ja Yoon Choi: I really recommend getting the Jasmine Green Tea with Lychee Jelly!

     4. Kung Fu Tea – 801 W. 24th St.

Unlike other boba shops mentioned above, KFT has stores all across the state, as well as international shops in Australia and Canada. The interior is very modern and simple – making it easy to spot students working on homework with opened laptops. KFT provides a diverse menu including gluten free drinks as well as vegan drinks.

Since they are an established brand, they are constantly producing new drinks so definitely stop by every now and then!


Writer: I always get the Grapefruit Yogurt with lychee jelly! I know it sounds odd, especially bc of the yogurt, but it’s not actually yogurt, it’s yacult! I honestly can’t describe how good it is, it’s above and beyond! 10 out of 10!

Miranda de la Rea: The Honey Milk Cap is really good. It’s the best thing at KFT in my opinion.

Rebecca Nam: Get Taro! It’s the best milk tea flavor in my opinion, and KFT does it good!

Hanna is currently majoring in Journalism and minoring in Business and Asian American Studies. She is currently the Social Media Director and a Staff Writer for Her Campus Texas. After finding out that UT Austin's unofficial mascot, Matthew McConaughey, attended BTS's concert in Fort Worth, her goal is to run into Mr. McConaughey at the Communication building or ride the same elevator and have a full conversation with him about BTS. 
Grace is a Philosophy and Economics double major and a Government minor at the University of Texas at Austin. Most of her writing focuses on politics and civic engagement, characteristically intertwining her journalism with op-ed takes (usually nonpartisan; depends who you ask). Grace enjoys reading philosophy, reading and discussing politics, gushing over her dog, and painting in her spare time. As a true economics enthusiast, she also loves graphs.