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As Spring Break rounds the corner, bringing with it airs of procrastination, fun times, and midterms, I am once again reminded of my neglected plant problem. If you are anything like me and have a morbid history with plants but want to fix it, then you came to the right place. These plants are supposed to survive in even the bleakest West Campus apartments.

Snake Plant


These plants will survive in low light and thrive on neglect. Snake plants do well in indirect bright light and need to be watered only once every two weeks.

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a cute, low-maintenance succulent that thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. You only need to water about once a week and it can resist drought and low-light conditions. Make sure to keep them away from cats as they can be highly poisonous.



Pothos looks her best when she’s in a brightly lit bathroom or kitchen, IMO. It’s a very Instagram-y plant. This vine loves the humidity and can grow pretty fast. What’s cool about her is that she can grow in just water.

String of Pearls


This trailing succulent is a fan of bright, indirect sunlight. However, it doesn’t like a ton of water, so make sure the soil is completely dry before watering. Like the aloe vera, this succulent looks best when it’s away from cats as it can be highly toxic to them.

ZZ Plant


Like the snake plant, ZZ plants can survive any west campus nightmare. They are your apocalypse plants. ZZ plants can survive in low-light conditions and little water, but would still prefer to be taken care of.

Prayer Plant


With its unique foliage, prayer plants add a splash of spontaneity to any apartment. This Brazilian native loves humidity and bright, indirect sunlight.

air Plant


These fun desert plants are super easy to take care of. Just place them in a terrarium near a brightly lit window and let them do their thing. To water your air plant just give it a good soak once a week and shake out any excess water.

Fiddle leaf Fig


Fiddle leaf figs are gaining rapid popularity as indoor trees. Although they require more water, make sure the soil isn’t soggy as it can lead to root rot. They prefer south-facing windows were they can get sunlight most of the day.

Boston Fern


I think if Leos were a plant it would be this one. It’s giving great, bold, amazing hair. Like the fiddle leaf fig, this plant requires more water as it likes to have moist soil. As for the sun, Boston ferns love indirect morning light.



Also known as the Chinese money plant, pilea is a fun plant with a lot of personality. It loves bright, indirect light and being watered once the soil is dry. Pilea tends to grow towards the sun, so you should rotate it a couple of times a week to make sure it grows evenly.

These plants have tons of personality on their own and are sure to brighten up any apartment. They are super easy to take care of and are good additions for chronic plant killers.

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