Tips For Your Best Fitting Bra Ever!

I’ve been a busty gal for as long as I can remember and have been fit many times over and have learned a thing or two to ensure my bras fit correctly. An uncomfortable bra can not only wear you down physically but can be a distracting and unnecessary nuisance! The best idea is to get fit by a specialty boutique; I’m sure it's possible to get it right at a department store, but sometimes those employees haven’t ever been properly trained in measuring for bras!


If you aren’t up for going to a boutique as the prices tend to be higher and showing the goods can be a little embarrassing, you can use my tips below to find a bra on your own.


First, put on your most comfortable bra and take your bust measurement and band measurement. There are several places to input your numbers to find out your standard bra size; here’s one I have used in the past. When measuring, ask for a friend to help or look in a mirror to ensure you are wrapping the measuring tape around your body evenly. Wearing a bra while measuring will help ensure your breasts are positioned appropriately for accuracy.


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Once you have an estimate, it’s time to try on bras! Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, so you may need to try a variety of styles to find the perfect fit! Once you have bras you like, here are my suggestions to ensure the bra is the right fit for you!


The middle of the bra should lay flat against your chest in between your breasts. If it doesn’t, your band size may be too large or too small. Try going down a band size and up a cup or up a band size and down a cup size. This is known as a sister size and may provide you with a better fit.


An obvious and easy fix is noticing how your breasts fill the cup of your bra. You should not be “spilling” over (a muffin type look) nor should there be a gap between your breast and bra. I know some women like to use this space as a wallet, but the bra should rest gently against your breast for the best fit.


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Another common issue is that the back of the bra will ride up. There are actually a few reasons that this might be happening. First, the band size can be too large; the band provides the majority of support for your bra, so if it’s riding up, this means you’re losing support! Wear your band on the loosest size possible and as your bra wears, you can use closer hooks to ensure your bra lasts the longest. Another reason your bra might ride up is because your bra is simply too worn out. If you’re on the tightest hooks and your bra is still riding up, it’s time to retire that undergarment!


If your bra is too tight and digging into your body, it means your bra is too small! Your bra shouldn’t hurt you if you wear it! If your bra is causing you any pain, I hope you’ll immediately trash or donate it! If your straps are too tight, it may be that they’re supporting your breasts more than your band! In this instance, try going down a band size actually! If you think your bra is too small in general, try going down a band size and going up a cup size.


Also, I know bras can be expensive, but it is much better to own one or two expensive bras than it is to own a bunch of cheap bras that don’t properly fit. Even if you don’t experience back pain or negative effects now, it can definitely happen down the line!


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Don’t be afraid to try boutiques and be honest about your budget; I’ve scored some awesome bras in the clearance section. Also, ordering bras online can be a helpful way to save money! Handwashing your bras also is one of the best ways to ensure your bras last a long time! At the very least, air-drying your bras can help them maintain their elasticity!


I hope this helps to ensure your future bra experiences in the future are more comfortable and enjoyable!


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