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The Worst Characters of All Time

Hey guys. The day that I’m writing this I’m burnt out and tired and I need to scream at something. So I’m going to cope with life by brutally criticizing my least favorite TV and movie characters of all time, a list I’ve been curating on my phone for years! Shall we begin?

Will Schuester (Glee)

Oh, where to start? This absolute ingrown toenail of a character is one of the worst things that’s ever happened to the universe. I honestly don’t know how I got through the entire series with Mr. Schuester as a consistent main character. If I’m being completely truthful, I don’t remember much about Glee. My favorite moments included: Santana’s rendition of Valerie and Smooth Criminal, the entirety of the Cory Monteith tribute episode, and that’s about it. My least favorite moments: every time Mr. Schuester opened his mouth to “rap”, when Mr. Schuester wore an all white tuxedo and top hat to propose to Emma. I am traumatized and should sue for emotional damages.

Owen Hunt (Grey’s Anatomy)

Literally every conflict on Grey’s can be traced back to this man. I love Cristina more than anything, but she has the absolute worst taste in men. I guess it’s just her cross to bear *shrugs*. During their relationship, he was completely and utterly selfish, riddled with anger, and just had a generally irritating aura. Let’s not forget that he’s the reason the PLANE CRASHED! You heard it here first, Owen Hunt is the reason Lexi Grey and Mark Sloan are dead!! I am seething.

Aunt Lydia (The Handmaid’s Tale)

I’m not fully up-to-date on THT, but from the beginning Aunt Lydia secured her spot at the top of this list. There’s nothing really funny to say about this character, she’s truly just the pure embodiment of evil. You can only fully understand her villainess by watching the show.

Matt Donovan (The Vampire Diaries)

I’m currently doing a rewatch of TVD, as it’s sadly being removed from Netflix in March. Right now I’m mid-season 3, and can confirm Matt Donovan is very annoying. He has this rigid superiority complex, like he’s above all the vampire-werewolf drama and it’s INFURIATING.

Bobby Flay (The Food Network)

Technically, Bobby Flay is a person not a character, but I’m including him on this list anyways. I feel like this is a hard one to explain. It’s a “you either get it or you don’t” kind of thing. When discussing this phenomenon with friends, it boils down to him seeming rather arrogant. “Beat Bobby Flay,” who made him the person to beat? Where did he come from? What are his credentials!!!!

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