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The New Austin Neighborhood Bookstore You Should Check Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

I’m always on the lookout for a new bookstore to satisfy my need for even more books on my TBR, and if you have been too, look no further than the new bookstore that opened up this past August called First Light Books. I first heard of their opening right before I moved back to campus and I was so excited to visit. Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Central Austin, and less than 2 miles from campus, First Light Books is nestled in the middle of a residential area, where the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin and busy campus life are traded for a fresh breath of residential simplicity. The bookstore’s website, FirstLightAustin.com, talks about how the original building “was a beloved post office for many years. It served as an important neighborhood hub,” which explains the unconventional, but refreshing location. The website also showcases their selection of books, cafe menu, events, and more.

When visiting First Light Books for the first time a few weeks after their opening, I was captured by the airy and modern charm that the store exudes and the natural tones of the place allow the colorful covers and spines of the books to really shine. They had a great selection despite the relatively small size of the store and their carefully curated sections allowed me to pick up and look through books that I never had before. They also had a super cute cafe/bar where you could pick up a quick drink or snack to have while browsing through the shelves or study at one of the tables inside or outside of the store. I personally recommend their delicious lattes. Getting to go to bookstores really revitalizes my energy and urge to read that my classes can sometimes drain, and I definitely recommend First Light Books to anyone searching for a little literary comfort in the storm that is the midterm season!

Ella Wick

Texas '26

Hi, my name is Ella Wick and I'm a Sophomore English major at The University of Texas! My hobbies include reading, watching movies, listening to music, cooking, and missing my cats while on campus! I'm really passionate about writing and hope to pursue a career in writing/publishing. I love writing about all sorts of topics but especially love pop culture, beauty, style, film, music and wellness.