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The Most Underrated Love Songs: Romance, Loving Yourself, and Loving Life

Okay, so recently I have been listening to songs that remind me why life is so beautiful. To me, that means loving yourself, being in love, and loving life. So I have decided to share my current list of favorite songs about these types of love, along with my favorite lyrics from each. I think most of them speak for themselves, and others I have added a mini description for why they speak to me. I recommend listening to the following songs. These are my favorites in no particular order!

  1. Snow by Zach Bryan

Best lyrics: “You bring heaven down to me, coursing through my blood as I breathe, I bet the angels are jealous of a girl I know, she takes my stain and makes it white as snow.”

2. Wait For The Moment by Vulfpeck

Such a great song and has good vibes. It’s all about surrounding yourself with good people and making the most out of life.

Best lyrics: “ trying to get my friends excited about not being invited I say, that’s an opportunity. butt-dial I smile, listen doll, I smile it was so nice to get a call”

3. She Likes Beatles by William Clark Green

  • I’m convinced this song was written about my mom and dads relationship, who were complete opposites in most ways, including her favorite band being the Beatles, and dads being the Rolling Stones.

Best lyrics: “ she likes the Beatles and I like the stones, she likes romantic movies I like Indiana Jones, yea she goes to church, and I stay at home, oh she likes the Beatles and I like the stones… But she brings me coffee when I’m working late, she lifts me up when I’m low, she understands when I’m carrying weight that I just have to hold up alone. She’s determined and honest, she’s stubborn and strong you always know where she stands, so it never bugs me that she’s always wrong as long as she wrong with her hand in my hand.”

4. Bad Haircuts by The 502s

A song of simple questions that you ask when you are just so enamored by someone. The getting to know you stage of the person you have a feeling will be yours forever.

Best lyrics: “Where were you when you had your first kiss? Are you the favorite child of your parents? Favorite movie? Biggest regret? What are you hoping to get for this Christmas? Where do you want to go? What is your biggest dream? If you had it all, just who would you be? And last but not least, if you could pick anything, what would your superpower be? Maybe I’m jumping the gun, maybe I’m moving too fast, I’m probably saying too much, I tend to do that, maybe I misread your signs, maybe I’m out of my mind, but what if my heart isn’t wrong?”

5. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

I swear this is my comfort song. That’s all.

Best lyric: “Waking up too early, maybe we can sleep in, make you banana pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend now. We could pretend it all the time”

6. Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches

Best lyric: “I miss you on the brain and I’m the shadow of the train, I kiss you all starry-eyed my body swinging side to side, I don’t see what anyone could see in anyone else, but you”

7. Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

Best lyric: “Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song, You go ahead, let your hair down, sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams, just go ahead, let your hair down, Ooh, you’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow”

8. Baltimore 

My (long-distance) boyfriend is currently in school in Baltimore and this song is <3

Best lyric: “So let’s get carried away, not lose ourselves in the fight, let’s show the world we were right, that we can make it through… and I will always love you”

9. Running on Sunshine by Jesus Jackson 

Best lyrics: “Girl you got me tripping on sunshine, god knows you just made my day. Since you came around, I just can’t slow down I want to see you walking my way… you got me running on sunshine, and ain’t no clouds getting in my way.”

10. October eyes

Best lyrics: “if god spends extra time didn’t waste a single dime on you, bless your arms bless your breath, singing songs to my chest as we dance the crowd away… those October Eyes couldn’t hold one lie, my heart so wide like windows and stereos”

11. Oak Tree by Daniel Nunnelee

Best lyrics: “‘Cause I’ll be dancing, I’ll be singing, I’ll be spinning ’round in circles, I’ll be jumping, I’ll be screaming, When I see that silver lining, and I hope that you’ll be with me someday, So don’t cry about me, Cause I know where I’ll be”

12. King of the World by Young Rising Sons

Best lyrics: “All the tales that have never been told, build up fires to keep away the cold, we’ll sing songs that will never get old, we’ll be here forever, we’ll rule the world together, forever with hearts of gold, who needs any treasure? We’ll take our time just living our lives”.

This is not a completed list, but rather a first draft. Hope you guys enjoy it and find some songs that resonate with you!

Hi all! My name is Kirsten Corrigan (she/her), and I am so excited to be a part of Her Campus! I'm a freshman at The University of Texas at Austin. My hometown is Manhattan, NY. I'm a government/political science major and I plan on going to law school after undergrad. A few things about me; I'm an Aquarius, a huge movie buff, I play guitar, I enjoy painting (although I'm not great at it), and I have an addiction to coffee. I have a passion for writing and politics. I hope you enjoy reading my work!
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