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The Impact Drag Race Season 14 Queens had on Society

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If you watched the season you know there was so much going on. We can tell Ru Paul really wants that Emmy. From having the highest number of trans girls on the show to having a straight man as well, this season made herstory. This season included the queens: Willow Pill, Lady Camden, Daya Betty, Bosco, Angeria, Deja Sky, Jorgeous, Jasmine, Kerri Colby, Maddy Morphosis, Orion Story, Kornbread, Allyssa Hunter, and June Jambalaya.

This season we saw four girls come out as trans; Willow, Kornbread, Bosco and Jasmine. While doing so on national tv or while having so many eyes directed towards them, many people got to see and hear their stories. A lot of the girls talked about how Kerri inspired them and how much they admired her for representing the trans community in drag race. All throughout the episodes of ‘Untucked,’ which is the behind the scenes episodes of drag race, they spoke on the internal battles the girls were having. They uplifted each other and showed the world that being trans is a beautiful thing and that no one who identifies as such should be ashamed of their identity. Given that this was televised everywhere, it gives more exposure to the LGBTQ+ community, specially the trans community. Those that may be struggling with similar situations can feel motivated to accept themselves and come out. 

Throughout the season we saw Willow Pill going above and beyond even when her disability made things more difficult for her. Willow Pill was diagnosed with cystinosis, which is a disease that is caused by a build up of the amino acid cystine. This disease has caused Willow to experience a lot of hardships throughout the competition, but this did not hold her back… I mean, come on, SPOILER ALERT: she won the competition. She didn’t let her disability hold her back, but rather embraced it and worked her way to the top. She never failed to amaze us. 

This season was one of the most diverse when it came to how the queens identified. For the first time ever in drag race herstory, there was a cis straight male competing, Maddy Morphosis. By Maddy being brought to this season, it proved that the drag community was inclusive. This opened the doors for many other people who practice drag and identify as straight. While a lot of people still have issues with Maddy competing, there were many who welcomed her with open arms. 

Season 14 is also going down as one of the longest seasons this show has had. Nonetheless, this season was an amazing one. We learned so much from these girls and we saw some amazing looks on the runway. Love celebrating  and can’t wait for Season 7 of All Stars coming up in May!

Frida is a second-year neuroscience major at The University of Texas at Austin. She is from Houston, Texas. She enjoys painting, connecting with nature, and doing tarot readings!
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