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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

We cannot be mad at the D’Amelio’s for taking the opportunity to move to Los Angeles and make millions of dollars. And if you think you can, I ask you this question: If you posted on TikTok, gained millions of followers, and were given the opportunity to take multi-million dollar deals, meet the celebrities you love, and overall get the opportunity of a lifetime, would you pass it up? Probably not. The only reason you do not think they deserve it is because they seem to have the same qualifications as you, and you are not in the same position. I’ll tell you what, I wish I was them too. If I could be “America’s Sweetheart” instead of staying up until 4am studying accounting, I would be. However, it is pointless to think like that because there are always going to be what if’s in the world. What if I went to that party senior year instead of working on my college application – would I still have gotten into UT? What if I went to the party, had a great time, and still got into UT? I don’t know. What if I did not get rejected from that organization? What if I did get rejected from this organization? What if, what if, what if? Pointless, but you have control over the here and now, so focus on that.

Now, the real reason you are here – not to hear me rant about what-ifs or how pointless things in life are – to hear about how I wasted hours watching “The D’Amelio Show.” In short, every episode felt like the D’Amelios gave their haters the attention they wanted. In every episode, I heard from one of them that “what you say, hurts” or “social media might not be worth what we’re getting out of it.” I have multiple problems with this.

  1. Addressing it this much makes the haters aware that what they are saying affects you to the extent that it does and gives them the validation they need to continue doing that to you. I’m not saying the D’Amelio’s feelings are not valid because they are, but haters hate on people to get a response. Every time someone says something mean about me I tell them they are absolutely correct because they expect an argument and honestly want one. At the end of the day, it takes a lot of experience to finally realize they are only looking for a reaction and to not let it affect you. 
  2. You do not need a whole reality show to tell us that. I do not have much more to say about this point, you just do not need to spend all that time on something I wrote in four words. At that point, it seems like you only want to do it for the money, which might be the case.
  3. I feel like this show gave the haters more ammo to hate on the D’Amelio’s. One of the biggest thing people say is that they are not talented and do not deserve to be in the position they are in. Having a reality show on the quite frankly boring life they live gives them more evidence that they are nothing special.

Charli and Dixie’s clothing line – Social Tourist – is another big point of the show. Honestly, seems like a fine clothing line – nothing special or original. However, something Charli says in the show is about being an “entrepreneur” and how she is excited to be a “role model” for young entrepreneurs. What? The majority of entrepreneurs do not start with over 10 million followers, the best team of people working for them, and an incredibly well-known brand working with them. They might have helped design the clothes, gone to meetings to discuss the face of the line, and then become the face of the brand, but they absolutely did not grab themselves up by their bootstraps to create what they created like the majority of entrepreneurs do. I felt like these statements by Charli were not only inaccurate but also degrading to all the entrepreneurs out there trying to make something from literal scratch.

Other than those two points, I did not have any extreme opinions about the show. I feel like it did not show me anything I did not know about them because it showed events and projects that have already been announced or it stated the obvious about being in the public eye. Would I recommend you watch it? Absolutely not. Would I recommend you comment on their pages saying anything mean? Also, absolutely not. At the end of the day, they all seem like good people who are taking advantage of a good situation for them. The world already has enough hate in it, so no need to do that.

Hi everyone! I am a senior graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in December 2022 with a major in accounting and a minor in journalism. I love writing about wellness and will do some music or game reviews from time to time. I hope you enjoy reading my articles!