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The Best Places to Visit in Mexico, According to Me, a Mexican

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After spending almost a year in the US, I have realized that not many Americans know much about the amazing locations that México has to offer. So, as a born and raised Mexican, I’m gonna put you on 5 places you should visit if you ever go to México. No, Cancún is not on the list.

Mexico city

This is personally my favorite place in the entirety of México. The way that I always like to describe it is to say that Mexico City is the Mexican New York City. It is a hub for young people, there’s art museums, broadway shows, and concerts galore!


In my opinion, Acapulco is a cheaper and more beautiful alternative to Cancún. It has many resorts, clear blue waters, and AMAZING FOOD. It is the perfect place to go to do absolutely nothing and just relax.

San miguel de allende

It is very close to Mexico city, so you could even take a road trip from one place to another! The city is considered a Pueblo Mágico “Magic Town” known for its architecture and amazing cathedral. If you go there, you HAVE to go see the mummies of Guanajuato (we make jokes about our aunts being as old as the mummies, I don’t know why, but it’s a classic Mexican joke).


Monterrey is like the LA version of Mexico. There are long stretches of roads, modern architecture, and high-end restaurants with interesting concepts. My favorite part of it is that it is surrounded by mountains so the view is amazing and you can drive through La Huasteca and eat an Elote on the way.

San cristobal

I’ve never been myself, but my boyfriend’s grandfather used to live there. It’s one of the spiritual capitals of the world, amazing views and not a lot of people know about it so the pictures are probably gonna look amazing.

I hope you find this list helpful and please send me pictures if you go to any of these places. Hasta Luego!

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