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Are you an aspiring writer looking to be supported by a tight-knit group of women? You’re in luck! The most fantastic decision I’ve made in my college career is joining Her Campus at Texas. I spent my first semester of college longing for a space to express my creativity, and a support system to develop my skills as a writer. I then promised myself that I would go outside my comfort zone; it’s now the second semester of my freshman year and I’m officially a published author! In my short few weeks as a writer for HCTX, I’ve made wonderful friends, written pieces I’m deeply proud of, and feel a great sense of accomplishment! So dear reader, do yourself a favor and join Her Campus!

Justice Morris (she/her) is a second-year history and Mexican American Latino Studies double major at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also pursuing a Core Texts and Ideas certificate. Justice is a passionate writer; she enjoys sharing her thoughts on the arts, life as a college student, and her cultural experiences as a Chicana woman. You can find more of her work in The Liberator, the official publication of the College of Liberal Arts.