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Thanksgiving Break Ruins My Chance To Succeed During Finals

I hang there with my stomach out, wearing the same old Thanksgiving sweatpants, and I think this is “the life.” That was the life I wanted to live for the rest of my life. My laziest self comes out by the time Thanksgiving break rolls around and has accumulated and overtook my whole body. During the break, I forgot the day of the week and the time of each day. If I were asked during the break what I was learning in class, my response would be a simple “I don’t even know anymore.” The idea of school takes a vacation in my head. During this time, all assignments are forgotten, finals are out of the picture, and relaxation is in my mind. When the break ends, the gears in my brain are filled with cobwebs, and I would prefer for them to stay shut down. 

Then we start school again, which is different from regular school weeks. It is finals time. I was handed a whole week to do nothing but eat, sleep, and drink. I became a couch potato, and the only time I went out was with my friends to have fun. Then it became expected for me to take finals for my classes. Study my a** off. Only to be constantly nervous until that last exam is submitted. Yes, I love Thanksgiving, but the finals that come after make me grow to hate it in some ways. 

Thanksgiving break was filled with nothingness this semester, and it was terrific. But then I had to return to school and be reminded that I had two finals that would make or break my grade. Thanksgiving break is stressful if you’re an anxiety-riddled person like me, constantly thinking about school. However, it is a much-needed break from the chaos that is school. Even though the most stressful weeks proceed, it is a break that I must take to survive the rest of the semester.

Hi, y'all!!! I am Paola Hernandez I am a Junior at UT - Austin studying Public Relations.