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In commemoration of Earth Day, I decided to interview one of my favorite sustainable fashion brands! Saturday Night Special Co., run by Madi out of her two-bedroom apartment in North Dakota, uses secondhand materials to create beautiful blouses, dresses, lounge sets, and more. I discovered Madi’s business a little over a year ago through Instagram. Her unique talent for reworking fabric translates into clothing items that are both expressive and environmentally friendly. I cannot recommend Saturday Night Special Co. enough, and hope that Madi’s insights encourage you to dive into the world of sustainable fashion!

How does sustainability inform your everyday life?

“Sustainability is such an important aspect of my life that I’m always thinking about! The food I consume, the businesses I support, the way I spend my time, the issues I support – they’re almost always thought out from a sustainable standpoint.”  

What were your primary goals in creating Saturday Night Special Co?

“My primary goal when starting SNS.co (formerly reclaimtheunclaimed) was to show that sustainable fashion could be affordable, unique, and attainable for all. What started out as a creative side project turned into a full-time gig. I get to dedicate my time to helping slow fast fashion while creating fun pieces!”  

How did you become passionate about reworking clothes? What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve reworked?

“I’ve been into designing and creating since I was little; I have very vivid memories of trying to learn how to use my mom’s vintage sewing machine to make unique clothes for my barbies. The passion has always been there and has grown with time! It’s hard to pick a favorite rework but one that always sticks out to me is my “head in the clouds” blouse from my website launch earlier this year. It was made from a thrifted bedsheet!”

What have been your proudest achievements as a small business?

“My proudest achievement since starting my business has been deciding to quit my full-time job to pursue my dreams!

How do you envision the future of sustainable fashion?

“I have a lot of hope for the future regarding sustainable fashion! With the rise of fast fashion comes the people who are informed enough to stand up against it. I’ve seen so many amazing affordable pieces from small shops on Instagram alone, so I have no doubt that sustainability could soon be the norm!”

Chandler is a senior at UT double majoring in English and Chinese while pursuing a Certificate in Global Management. She currently serves as one of HerCampus Texas' Campus Correspondents and adores live music, dogs, friends, and mindful living ♥
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