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Stressed Out? Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

With the fall semester ending and finals coming to a close, stress has probably taken over you and your emotions by now. That said, it’s time to treat yourself with a self-made spa. Sit back, relax, turn on some Vogue Beauty Secrets, and enjoy making your spa day at home with these tips.

Prepare For Your Relaxing Evening

Due to not being able to go to an actual spa for many reasons, setting up your space for your spa day at home is essential. Start by cleaning up your restroom, lighting up your favorite candles / or turn on a diffuser with your favorite essential oil, grab a robe, and fix yourself up a tea and some infused waters

Apply Your Favorite Hair Mask

I feel when thinking of a spa day, we tend to think about just our skin. With our hair being just as delicate, it’s good to apply a hair mask here and there. Whether it’s DIY or from your favorite beauty supply, a hair mask is just one of the steps of getting a full relaxing experience at your in-home spa.

Treat Your Skin

Before getting into the tub, I like to start by steaming my face. A facial steam is not only super beneficial for your skin, but it is also helpful for your respiratory system (especially around this time with COVID and it being the time of the year when everyone starts to get sick). After steaming, I like to apply a face mask that fits what I feel my skin needs at that time. 

“Wash Away Your Troubles With Some Bubbles”

There’s nothing like having a long bath. Whether you’re the type to love to soak with some bubbles, essential oils, or just put in a bath bomb inside, a long bath does the job to destress. 

Get Your Favorite Book / Playlist

While taking your bath, try putting some tranquil music in the background. Getting into the mood of relaxation is crucial, and music plays a big part. As the soothing tones play, I like to read some motivational books that will make me feel and remind me of the queen that I am.  

Shower Off & Moisturize 

Shampoo and Condition off the remains of your hair mask. Apply a body moisturizer while your skin is still damp. I highly recommend the Pumpkin Body Butter from Trader Joes! (you can thank me later, hehe)


At the end of a spa day, I like to take a few deep breaths with the time I have left of relaxation. There are many videos on guided meditation , and with all the stress built up due to school and many other things, it’s a great habit to get into :)

Ashley Guzman is studying Advertising at The University of Texas at Austin. In her free time you can catch her exploring with family/friends and/or working on graphics.
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