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  1. Pastel graphic liners: This is one of the makeup trends I can already see coming. I mean, who doesn’t love them a cute little pastel color moment? Graphic liner and abstract shapes instead of eyeshadow have been a big rising trend in the makeup community, but it’s mainly with darker colors, although since we are in spring I see more spring colors (such as pastels) being more on trend. 
  2. Dewy foundation: I think this spring everyone will be bringing back that glowy base. A dewy shiny face during the spring just sounds right. The sun is shining longer, why not make our faces glow while we are out there!
  3. Shimmery lipstick: Many companies have been coming out with some amazing lip colors for the spring, but one style of lipstick I have seen that I feel will be on trend this spring, is the glittery lipstick. Having glittery lips is such a cute way to add that final touch to bring your makeup together and I just know we will be seeing a lot of that this spring.
  4. Blush contour: This spring calls for sun kissed, glowy skin, and blush contour compliments that so well! 
  5. Thin eyebrows: Given that we have seen the y2k fashion style come back over the past year, I just know that everyone will start rocking the thin brows to complete their look and live their early 2000’s fantasy. 
Frida is a second-year neuroscience major at The University of Texas at Austin. She is from Houston, Texas. She enjoys painting, connecting with nature, and doing tarot readings!