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Midterms are here, which means Spring Break is near! Whether you are traveling close or far, by plane or car, here are some travel tips to help you have the best Spring Break ev…ar…

1) Keep all electronics charged

One of the worst scenario I can imagine while traveling by plane (besides losing something or missing a connection) is not having music to listen to. Listening to music totally mellows me while flying home for breaks. It’s also smart to have your laptop and phone charged in case you want to watch a movie or play around with an app. If you’re flying during Spring Break it’s especially important to keep your phone charged in case you need to look up directions or a phone number to get to your final destination once you land. Make to bring all of your chargers with you, too!

2) Bring reading materials

If you’re traveling by car, be careful when reading, because sometimes it can cause motion sickness. If you’re flying by plane, reading materials can be your best friend. Whether it’s a book you’ve been wanting to read but just haven’t found the time, or a magazine you picked up at the airport, this is the perfect time to read! There’s something soothing about being disconnected (for the most part) from the electronic world, and it’s nice to take advantage of it.

3) Pack essential clothes

Spring Break is only a week, so don’t crazy with bringing tons of clothes that will weigh down your bags. It’s good to have options, but have a few base items that you can pair with other things to create different looks. Accessories are also a good way to change up your look and not have to carry tons of heavy clothes.

4) Have cash handy

It’s important to always have cash with you when traveling, because you never know if the place you are traveling have a card minimums, charge extra for using cards, or the worst, *gulp*, don’t accept cards at all.

5) Pack snacks

Let’s just be real: snacks are important in life, regardless of the context, but snacks are especially important during travel time. Airports can cost a ton, and gas station food isn’t the most healthy option. If you prepare some snacks before, you won’t be feeling those awful hunger pangs during the middle of your trip.

Happy Spring Break!

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