A Song For Every Mood

Lately, I’ve been feeling a spectrum of emotions. Life feels as though it has been moving at lightning and turtle speed at the same time. As we transition away from the pandemic we’ve known for the past year, it is normal to feel a cycle of moods. Sometimes when you feel a certain way, the best thing to do is to allow yourself to sit with it and acknowledge your feelings. Here are some songs I have been listening to at various points in my moods:


Happy: Chinatown by Bleachers (feat. Bruce Springsteen) 


Sad: Seven Devils by Florence & The Machine 


Nostalgic: Days Are Gone by HAIM 


Joyful:  Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac 


Homesick: In My Life by The Beatles 


Motivated: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen 


Burnt out: Crazy Train by Zella Day


Heartbroken: Pink – Live & Acoustic by LEÓN 


Moving on: Second Night of Summer by Børns 


Going Places: One More Cup of Coffee by Bob Dylan