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Six Steps for a Productive Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

We all have those days where we just want to lie in bed all day and be incredibly unproductive. And maybe those days outnumber the days where you want to get up and do things. But if you follow these six steps, you’ll be alert and ready to begin a day full of productivity.


Step 1: Make Your Bed

This might seem obvious to some, but not to others. As our chancellor, McRaven told us, it is essential to make your bed. I, personally, do this because once I make my bed I won’t disturb it until it’s time to go to bed. That means that even if I study on it I will sit on top of the covers instead of snuggling back in. Plus, a nicely made bed just looks so nice.


Step 2: Play Music

My biggest suggestion is the Spotify playlist “Have a Great Day!” It always gets you in the best mood with its oldies but goodies. Since the music is upbeat you can’t help but dance around and smile to yourself.


Step 3: Make a Cup of Coffee (or hot chocolate or tea)

By getting yourself into your kitchen you’ve left the room with your bed and that is an A+ thing for being productive. The less you want to crawl back in-between your sheets, the better. Plus, this will help you jump start your day with a little caffeine or sugar.


Step 4: Make a Real Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but none of us actually eat well enough for it. I used to shove a Luna Bar in my mouth before running out the door. But now I make the time to scramble up some eggs, flip a pancake or microwave some frozen potatoes from Trader Joes. Taking out the time to cook a proper breakfast will keep you awake and keep you running throughout the day.


Step 5: Read for 20 Minutes

No, do not pick up a textbook or your phone. Please, go get an actual, physical book (or your Kindle), set a timer and read for 20 minutes. Studies have shown that people who read outside of work/school are more successful in life. Get outside of the school world and into a murder mystery, romance novel or whatever floats your boat.



Step 6: Check Your Email

The last step might be your usual first step. But stop. Your email can wait, your mental health cannot. Stop and do the first five and then check your email. If you find out something that is integrally important you can take care of it now that you are fully awake. If nothing integral has happened, maybe make yourself another cup of coffee and tuck back into that book.


Hopefully, these six steps get you in the mindset for a productive mood in the upcoming months.


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Grace is a Philosophy and Economics double major and a Government minor at the University of Texas at Austin. Most of her writing focuses on politics and civic engagement, characteristically intertwining her journalism with op-ed takes (usually nonpartisan; depends who you ask). Grace enjoys reading philosophy, reading and discussing politics, gushing over her dog, and painting in her spare time. As a true economics enthusiast, she also loves graphs.