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Shave For a Cure

Certain unique life experiences often change the viewpoints of how we see the world and make us appreciate the small things in life. Shaving your head is one of these experiences.  The St. Baldrick's Foundation is allowing individuals the chance to do this by hosting the event Shave For a Cure which encourages all individuals to shave their heads to help raise money for pediatric cancer. Nayeli Perez, a sophomore human development and family sciences major, is taking this big step to stand with cancer patients. 

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is driven by their selfless volunteers who are committed to help fund exceptional research in finding cures for childhood cancer and to aid survivors to live long and healthy lives. Volunteers from all over the world stand in solidarity with   children who are fighting cancer by participating in these head shaving events and raising money to support life-saving research. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is the second highest donor in funding research for childhood cancers. S.M.I.L.E, a UT student organization, is hosting their first annual "Shave For a Cure" St. Baldrick’s Event. 

Even though making the decision to shave your head for cancer can be a very big one, Nayeli is determined to show that “bald is beautiful.” Since our society is so looks-focused, Nayeli is “showing solidarity with millions of children” by taking such a step.  She is currently in the process of getting her degree in human development and family sciences, which will enable her to achieve her lifelong dream of working with children who have cancer. But she wants to do much more, and she wants to take action now. For Nayeli, "the children mean more than [her] hair, and [she] will get another chance to grow out her hair, but the children only get one chance at life.” 

Nayeli gets the strength to make this major decision from the courageous children she volunteers with at Dell’s Children’s Hospital who are currently undergoing cancer treatment. The children that she works with “go through so much but still manage to have a smile on their faces,” and for this reason, Nayeli considers these children an honor and inspiration toward her cause. 

The goal for Shave For a Cure will be increasing awareness for raising funding for cancer research. The organization currently has over 130 registered “shavees” and over $25,000 in funding. If you are interested in watching this amazing event, the first annual St. Baldrick’s Shave For a Cure event will be held at noon on March 31st on the main mall of the UT campus. The funding will directly help the research for cancer treatment. The impact of the shavees will help raise awareness due to the amount of people would  exposed to those who decided to shave their heads, and the presence of those shaved provides encouragement to the children with cancer. 

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