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Ricardo Sanchez ’13

Nickname: Ricky
Classification: Junior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Roma, TX
Career goals: To become a pharmacist
Role model: My dad, because of the way he lives and his advice
Your best asset: My eyes
Relationship Status: Single
Favorite attribute of a girl: Eyes and hair
Biggest turn-off: When girls are quiet
First kiss: I was 13; it was with my friend’s cousin, on a car.
Dream girl: 5’7 redhead/blonde; down-to-earth and smart.
Celebrity Crush: Natalie Portman
Marvel or DC Superheroes: Marvel
Favorite vacation spot: South Padre Island, Cancun
Biggest pet peeve: When I send a text and get a phone call back
On a rainy day, I like to: Play guitar and read

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