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As Valentine’s Day rolls around (okay, lets be real it doesn’t roll around — it smacks us single girls in the face), there are a few things us college girls will certainly see. You can guarantee you will see an abundance of PDA around campus, girls carrying gifts maybe balloons or flowers, very happy girls, very depressed girls, but one thing you will definitely see is girls wearing red.

Red on Valentine’s Day is comparable to wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day it is part of the theme and college girls love themes. You’ll see red tops, skirts, dresses, lips, and shoes in every shade you could possibly imagine. Some of these girls may meet a great boy that day or night and assume it was Cupid that brought them together, but many girls do not realize that their Valentine’s Day “luck” has more to do with the color they are wearing than the actual day.

New studies have found that men are more attracted to women wearing red compared to other colors, Richard Gray a science correspondent says its because men “believe they are less likely to be rejected.” It is crazy to think that something as simple as a color could have such an affect but then again it also makes a lot of sense. When you think of the color red a lot of different things can come to mind, most importantly romance and love hence why it is associated with Valentine’s Day. This phenomenon has become so popular it even has its own name, the “Red Dress Effect.”

If wearing red boosts your overall attractiveness subconsciously why save it just for Valentine’s Day? I personally love wearing red out, not only do I feel more attractive but I also feel like I pop out more in a crowd of girls wearing various black tops. Even a touch of red lips can give you a little confidence boost to bring your look to the next level. My advice to all of you collegiettes is to experiment with the color red this month and see what comes out of it!

Below are a few of my favorite red styles that are perfect for more than just Valentine’s Day!

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