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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

One of my latest obsessions has been podcasts. I love listening to them while on a walk, cleaning my apartment, and cooking in the kitchen. I’ll put on a podcast for any minor activity I’m doing. All the podcasts I listen to have similar themes: wellness, self-care, advice, and lifestyle. Although I rotate through many different podcasts, these are the top ones I’d recommend to anyone interested in wellness or practicing more self-care!

1. Not Your Typical with Katelynn Nolan

This podcast is hosted by Katelynn Nolan, a Tiktoker and Youtuber who makes content around fitness, wellness, productivity, self love, and lifestyle. Following similar themes, she describes her podcast as “fun conversations for anyone on a self-love, self-care/wellness journey.” 

Her podcast is still fairly new, as the first episode launched in December 2021. New episodes drop every Monday to encourage her listeners to start the week on a positive note. A majority of the episodes start with an introduction to the topic, Nolan’s different segments like “not so typical obsession” where she shoutouts an unpopular thing or activity she’s recently been loving or her word of the week, and then sitting down and chatting about the topic of the week. Occasionally, Nolan also brings guests on for different episodes to interview and just have a conversation together. 

Listen on: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

2. Voice Hugs

Voice Hugs is hosted by Vivian Van and Rowena Tsai, two decade long friends who are on the journey to becoming their best selves and embracing all seasons of life with open arms. On their podcast, they share reflections on cultivating a more meaningful relationship with themselves and others. Expect stories, giggles, and sometimes tears! 

This podcast also launched its first episode in December 2021where they discuss their goals for the podcast: to be able to share a space for anyone who is feeling the same way or experiencing similar things. “Hopefully through listening to the podcast, you’re able to feel a little more seen, heard, accepted, loved, encouraged, and reminded that you’re doing great.” 

Overall, I enjoy listening to this podcast because it feels like a casual conversation with your friends. They talk on a variety of topics such as mental health, relationships, and career that have given me a lot of insight. It’s like asking your friends for advice over the phone.  

Listen on: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

3. On My Mind with Ava Jules

This podcast is hosted by Ava Jules, a Hawaii-based Youtuber, and focuses on navigating life in your 20’s. The title “On My Mind” is tied into Jules’ goal to have open conversations about everything that goes on in her mind. From lighthearted conversations to sharing her deepest thoughts, Jules has a lot to say and now someone to say it to: her listeners!  

Ava Jules has grown a following throughout the years from her Youtube channel. After months of dreaming about starting a podcast, she launched “On My Mind with Ava Jules” in March 2022 and now releases weekly episodes every Wednesday. 

As a 21 year old, I feel drawn towards Jules’ podcast because she talks on  a lot of subjects about growing up and finding yourself. Also, she engages with her listeners through advice columns, Q&A’s, and confessions that make the podcast feel more personal. 

Listen on: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

4. Lows to Highs by Karin Hadadan

This lifestyle and mindfulness podcast is hosted by Karin Hadadan. According to the description, this podcast “explores the honest complexities of being a human by covering topics such as personal development, self-love, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, health & wellness, relationships and more. Each episode will leave you feeling inspired, change your perspective, and allow you to appreciate the lows and highs of your own life. If you’re looking to become a better version of yourself, go inwards and grow up – you’re at the right place.”

Not only do I like the topics covered in this podcast, Hadadan also brings on a variety of guests, such as business owners, meditation coaches, and healers to have a conversation and give the perspective of a professional. Her episodes range from casual chats to full on interviews and I like to see both styles when wanting to learn more about a particular topic and gaining insightful advice from people related to that field.  

Listen on: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Alexis is a senior journalism major and business minor at the University of Texas At Austin. She currently serves as a writer and an associate editor for Her Campus Texas and enjoys creating content about lifestyle, pop culture, and food. Instagram: @ave_lexi