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I will take any excuse to romanticize my life. Walking down Guadalupe Street? Let me pretend I’m in a coming-of-age film set in a bustling city. At the library cramming for a midterm? I’m just living in a studying montage in my own personal movie. Even the bus can be made appealing with a good playlist and a window seat view. 

Romanticizing my life genuinely makes all the little mundane things feel so much better. Talking with friends about it, I know I am definitely not alone in this thought. 

It’s so easy to take campus for granted. Walking along the same three streets can get pretty boring. However, it is important to notice all the beautiful little things the campus offers. By doing this, I have kept that excited spark alive that I felt during my very first week at UT.

So, here are all my favorite places to reignite that spark and romanticize college life, depending on the vibe.

When you feel like replicating the lofi-study-music aesthetic:

This one is very subjective. If you are into the silent-studious vibe, check out the Life Science Library in the Tower. It is unbelievably gorgeous and makes me feel like I am truly living a college girl fantasy. However, I get too self-conscious when I am in a place that is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. 

For me, my favorite place to study is Medici. I just love being in coffee shops: the smell, the hustle, and bustle. I love the mix of people looking concentrated at their computer screens overlapping with conversations and laughter. If I need to really focus, sometimes I put on my headphones and white noise. I like to sit on the second story near the windows. There is a perfect view of Guadalupe Street, and I get to people-watch as a break from studying. The dark wooden tables and the exposed brick give this place a unique vibe that I haven’t gotten anywhere else on campus. 

If you’re looking for a place to contemplate or cry:

Two words – Littlefield. Fountain.

Let me start off by saying this spot, in my opinion, only hits when it is dark outside. When it’s daytime, I feel like people are watching too intently…

Anyways. Do you know those beige columns with benches at the bottom near the fountain? Right next to the stairs? Okay, climb up there, and get to the very top. Then dangle your feet over the edge. If you’re facing the fountain, you have a great view of the Capital. Behind, you will have a beautiful view of the Tower. 

The loud water sounds are so soothing. To me, the smell of chlorine is very comforting and reminds me of relaxing summer days. Now throw on some headphones and listen to your saddest playlist. This is by far the most aesthetic place to feel sad on campus. BTW, you’re too high up for anyone to see you clearly, so feel free to shed a tear or two. 

A spot that always makes me feel like a cool girl in touch with nature:

Go to the Winship building. To the right of the entrance are a seating area and a set of stairs that takes you down directly to Waller Creek. Be careful, though, because the stairs are definitely not the most structurally intact!

The stairs turn into rocks that you have to step down. Eventually, you get side by side with the creek. I like to sit there between classes, lie on my back, and read a book. The water isn’t the prettiest, but I still love it. There are always lots of dragonflies and frogs passing by. I’m usually left undisturbed, though I do see people sneaking glances at me who are walking on the tiny bridge above. 

I just feel like this is a secluded and cool place to read, do homework, or even watch Netflix. I always feel like a cool girl when I sit down there. 

If you’re looking for a main character movie moment: 

Wait until it gets dark, then head to Skyspace on the rooftop of the SAC. Take a blanket for extra comfort and romanticization points. Go inside and lay back on the floor. Watch the clouds, the moon, the stars, and the occasional airplane. It is extremely quiet, but I find this spot so peaceful. The roof changes colors, and overall it is just such a beautiful place to sit and reflect. The last time I was here, I put on my headphones and played my “main character moment” playlist. I couldn’t stop smiling. 

An extra one that I couldn’t succinctly write a title for:

Sometimes, I’m walking on campus, and I think, “wow, I can’t believe I am actually here at this moment. Living my life as a college student. This is amazing.”

I don’t know the words to encapsulate this feeling perfectly. Gratitude? Shock? Nostalgia? Nevertheless, when I feel like this, I like to sit on the lawn in front of the Tower. Laying down on my back, looking at the Tower (extra romanticization points if it is at night). This spot always makes me reflect on how much my life has changed since coming to college. I always feel like I am living that moment in movies where the main character has some sort of epiphany. I love this spot. 

Though I could have added so many spots to this list, a special shout-out to Turtle Pond, each place is what you make it. The beauty of romanticization is making any little mundane thing special. Campus is full of beautiful things; you just have to keep your eyes open for them.

Mirely is a third year student at UT Austin. Besides writing, she loves to skate, drink coffee, watch really cheesy rom-coms and cuddle with her dogs Henry and Oliver. thanks for reading <3