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Less than a week ago, 19-year-old Olivia Rodrigo won her first grammy…. and her second… and her third. All of this to only start the North American leg of her tour a day later. Her tour, named SOUR after her debut album broke various records since it was announced, selling out every single show within a day and crashing TicketMaster. With completely showed out shows and Rodrigo already taking the music industry by storm, this year is sure to be a big one.

I’ve been a fan for a while now, and I am one of the lucky ones. The day tickets dropped I was sitting at my computer in the virtual line of enthusiastic fans. I scored tickets to her Austin show, coming up in only a few short weeks, and I was able to surprise my little sister with them as well. I was more than happy to accompany my little sister to this surprise show… because.. well.. yeah.

As of writing this article, Olivia has performed in San Fransisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver already, with many more stops to come. With special guests Gracie Abrams, Holly Humberstone, and Baby Queen, Rodrigo fans are sure to have a blast at this concert.

And for anyone as curious as me… This is Olivia’s current setlist according to fans who have already seen the show:

  1. brutal
  2. jealousy, jealousy
  3. drivers license
  4. Complicated (Avril Lavinge cover)
  5. hope ur okay
  6. enough for you / 1 step medley
  7. happier (with intro)
  8. Seether (Veruca Salt cover)
  9. favorite crime
  10. traitor
  11. deja vu
  12. good 4 u (with intro)

Source: @sourtourinfo on Twitter

Another thing I was curious about prior to seeing her, was the type of merch offered at her shows. No need to worry, I have also found some info for you guys!

SOUR concerts have several classic tour tees, most donning butterflies and stickers, for $40 each along with matching hoodies for $80. Fans will be pleased to know there will also be an assortment of tote bags, hats, and posters available as well. A fan favorite already seems to be the sweatpants with “RodrigHOE” written across the butt (I’ll have to look into those).

You can find pictures of all these and more @hqrodrigo on Twitter.

Olivia’s North American leg is already starting off strong, but International fans need not worry, Rodrigo will start the European leg of her SOUR Tour, accompanied by Baby Queen, a British pop star, on June the 11th.

See you soon, Olivia!

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