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I have been an avid tote bag user for years now— carrying anything from the free Outdoor Voices tote that comes with every purchase, to the American Apparel 2014 cities tote that every grunge girl dreamed of. Therefore, I can deem myself somewhat of an expert on the subject. As I grow and begin to think more about practicality, along with trendiness, I have come to value the structure of a tote. My desire for functionality and style has led me to the perfect pick: the customizable L.L. Bean Boat and Tote suitable to feed my individuality complex. 

The bag was originally worn by various New England moms and preps, being a tried and true staple of the coastal wardrobe. However, the bag is being revived with a new reputation. Teens and 20-somethings can be seen all around the country wearing ironic sayings on their bags, including PSYCHO, feral, swiftie, egomaniac, and the list goes on. This major rebrand was done uniquely not by the company– but by young patrons showing off their personalizations on TikTok with the hashtag #llbeantok and on the official @ironicboatandtote Instagram. 

The online youth has spoken and the consensus is: that monograms are out and being ironic is in. The resurgence in popularity of the L.L. Bean tote likely comes from the recent coastal grandmother and granddaughter aesthetic seen littering the Pinterest boards and For You Pages of every college girl. The trend seeks to update the classic neutrals and nautical inspirations worn by countless Northeastern women to be more accessible and youthful. The tote is the perfect accessory for capturing the coastal energy because it’s timeless yet kitschy in the best way– surely to become the next it-girl bag of the season.

The totes are fairly accessible for the quality provided, prices ranging from $29.95 to $64.95. The bag itself is highly customizable: sizes range from small to extra-large, straps come in regular or long, with 10 different colors to choose from. They also provide free embroidery with the L.L. Bean Mastercard, or you can pay $8.00 for 10 characters like the rest of us under 50 crowd. It is worth noting that since gaining popularity, the company has cracked down on what they will embroider on the bags. Mainly, they are no longer allowing other brand names like HERMES or curse words to slide. Though there is always the option to take your bag to a local embroidery shop and get whatever your heart desires, while also supporting a small business. 

I highly recommend partaking in the ironic L.L. Bean Boat and Tote trend because it’s a refreshing, modern spin on a timeless coastal grandmother silhouette. It is simply everything a college girl could want in a bag; it’s durable, it can fit laptops and notebooks, and it’s a way to show your personality. Also, if you ever grow out of your ironic saying, take a seam ripper to the word egomaniac and start fresh. As for me, I love my tote and I fully plan on expanding my collection soon. 

P.S. If you see me around campus with my tote that says “GIRL WORLD” in baby pink stitching, come say hi. 

Katlynn is a journalism student at the University of Texas at Austin. She has a love for sustainability, fashion, writing, music and activism. Her goal is to pursue a career in entertainment writing. Additionally, her other passions include yoga, chess and taking care of her dachshund-chihuahua mix, Margo.