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North Korea Tests a Ballistic Missile

On November 28, it has been confirmed by the pentagon that last Wednesday a ballistic missile was launched by North Korea and fell into the Sea of Japan.


This is a big deal because it went higher than any other missiles that have been tested, meaning North Korea potentially has made something that could be a threat internationally.

President Donald Trump’s response was “...we will take care of it,” during a press conference. The launch is getting feedback by other nations with the EU, Britain Ambassador, and Japanese government saying it was “unacceptable” behavior and “reckless.”  



Defense Secretary James Mattis, claims that although North Korea has launched missiles before this is a sign they are experimenting further with them. He says that by doing this North Korea has endangered not only the United States but world peace. However, President Trump and other nation’s leader have been unable to get North Korea to stop launching these missiles.

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