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I love wearing makeup. I love sitting at my desk and doing my daily makeup routine although at times I want to rip my hair out when my eyeliner doesn’t go my way. I began experimenting with makeup around the age of 15, and over time, I’ve discovered my go-to products that consistently work well for me and have become staples in my daily routine. 


Me and eyeliner are besties. I never go out anywhere without her. My favorite eyeliner products are by NYX. I use the Epic Ink Liner, and I love everything about her. It’s super easy to use and waterproof. I also use the Epic Wear Liquid Liner and this liner refuses to budge for anything. I mainly use liquid eyeliner for my inner corner since it stays put – even with my water eyes.

After eyeliner, I apply mascara and after trying different brands I always go back to the Lash Sensational Sky High mascara by Maybelline. Always waterproof!

Personal tip: Liquid eyeliner used to intimidate me, but I discovered that mapping it with black eyeshadow helped me out so much. I trace over it with liquid eyeliner after to ensure precision and avoid any mistakes that might require redoing it.


Again, I love NYX and my go-to lip combo is by them. For lip liner I use the Suede Matte Lip Liner in the shade ‘Club Hopper’ and the Butter Gloss in the shade ‘Rocky Road.’ These two together are chefs kiss


When I first started doing makeup I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest loose powder and nearest setting spray in the aisle and I still use it today! At the end of my routine, I apply the Photo Focus Loose Setting Powder by Wet n Wild and the Milani Make It Last setting spray – these are my day ones. I’ve tried other products but I always go back to these two.

My makeup routine is constantly changing, but there are certain products I keep coming back to. They’re the ones you can usually find at drugstores or in the cheaper aisle of Ulta (lol). So, if you’re looking for something new to try out, I hope this list gives you some inspiration or maybe even an excuse to treat yourself to something new!

Hi, I'm Natalia (she/her), a second-year student majoring in Mexican American Latina/o Studies with a minor in Law, Justice, and Society at the University of Texas at Austin! My articles cover a wide range of interests, from fashion and concerts to a deep commitment to activism and social justice. Eager to explore a broad spectrum of topics, I aim to touch on everything from beauty and culture to the important issues that shape our world. I hope my writing serves as a platform to create a safe space and shed light on mental health challenges and political complexities faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds.