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Good evening dearest readers! Here are five of my favorite characters from Bridgerton which I got the chance to watch over the summer.

5. Penelope Featherington. Yes, I know this may seem controversial but I must say that she is incredibly successful as a writer and as a businesswoman which is so awesome especially because it was completely forbidden at the time. Granted, I know she had zero business saying anything about Eloise or Marina but I understood her heartache especially when it came to Colin because he’s so clueless it annoys me but she is adorable and looks so good in all the bright colors of her household.

4. Benedict Bridgerton: He is the cutest! I love how warm and relaxed he is especially when Anthony’s antics take over so much. I love that he pursues his passion for art and how honest he is with himself and with Eloise and I absolutely treasure their moments together.

3. Lady Danbury: All hail the true queen! Lady Danbury takes nonsense from no one! She even made the queen leave when Daphne and Simon were dancing together. If that doesn’t scream “power” then I don’t know what does. She is elegant, witty, and just such fun to see on screen. Her best moment for me was when she talked to Simon as a child and told him to claim his place as a Duke.

2. Eloise Bridgerton: You want smart, funny, and lovely in one character? Boom. You get Eloise Bridgerton. Her bravery and wit are what make the show so entertaining. I love how she’s driven to find her own path in the world and refuses to settle for marriage just because that was what the expectation was for women at the time. She absolutely rocks.

  1. Kate Sharma: I adore Kate Sharma so much. She is firm, she is strong, and just the most stunning woman. I would go crazy for her too honestly. I know that she was a bit selfish about keeping her feelings from Edwina but her intentions were pure and the way that she sacrificed so much for her family and then her beautiful love story with Anthony Bridgerton seals her as my favorite character in the Bridgerton universe. 
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