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In college, it can be hard to make apartments feel like home. Every year I’ve lived in a different building and creating a safe place over and over again often feels draining. However, moving every nine months helped me realize just how much I cherish art. As soon as I adorn my walls with paintings and drawings, spaces immediately transform into realms of love, joy, and comfort. To help create an apartment that reflects your inner world, I compiled a list of my favorite artists on Instagram. Each one of these artists crafts their work with intention and magic, and their creations are sure to enliven both your home and your Insta feed!


Through whimsical color palettes and expressive brush strokes, Nati creates landscapes that evoke feelings of ease and tranquility. Looking into one of Nati’s painting is like being transported into a world of divine comfort; her pastel clouds and reflective waters seem to jump off the page, inviting adventure and imagination. Any one of Nati’s watercolors will surely brighten your walls, and maybe even inspire gentle meditation!  

“Creating paintings that make people happy and feel like they are in a magical world that was created with happiness and love to make your space feel warm and shine bright is so special to me. I created dreaming of watercolors to help inspire anyone who wants to paint and felt they couldn’t or never went back to their dreams.?”



The face behind Snakes and Roses, Cristina González pairs dreamy imagery and uplifting phrases to inspire growth and reflection. Alongside images of space cats and other mystical figures, Cristina expresses words including “embrace all that is you”, “it will come when your heart is ready to carry it”, and “have the courage to wish for more.” Cristina’s art makes for the perfect room décor to promote self-love and encouragement, adding a touch of magic to your daily life!


In autumnalwood artwork, Aubii reimagines bits of nature, illuminating scenery with psychedelic colors and otherworldly fairytales. Each autumnalwood piece exudes emotive expression, making Aubii’s creations ideal for reflecting your own inner moods and emotional landscapes. If you are looking for art that resonates on a personal level, any autumnalwood creation is sure to help reclaim your space through color and illustration!


Loren, the creator of Golden Phases, captures the world through organic shape and impeccable color blending. From animal portraits to abstract landscapes, each of Loren’s masterpieces seems to memorialize enchantment and beauty. Golden Phases has something to offer everyone; whether you are drawn to realistic imagery or uplifting messages, Loren’s work will fill your space with warmth and happiness!

“I’ll never get used to the humbling feeling I get when someone is moved by my artwork. When I see my art hanging in someone’s home it absolutely warms my heart. I’m honored to be chosen by every single one of my clients.”



Navonne is a multiracial native woman hailing from the Iñupiaq and Koyukon Athabascan tribes on her mother’s side and from the Navajo, Mandan, Hidatsa, Blackfeet, and Chickasaw tribes on her father’s side. To pay homage to her native roots, Navonne named Menabash Media after her Hidatsa native name meaning “beaver woman”. With their textured dimensions and vibrant colors, Navonne’s paintings radiate joy and light, encouraging the viewer to reflect with awe and admiration. A hallmark of Menabash Media is Navonne’s ability to render both dreamscapes and real-world settings with ethereal beauty. Each painting evokes a sense of movement and wonder that will elevate your living space with love and serenity!

“Some of my purposes for creating art is to create unique & original art with positive intentions ?✨? I want to give people the opportunity to have professional & meaningful art that surrounds them on a daily basis ?? I want my art to make the viewer feel something significant & know that the art I create was specifically made for them ?✨ I create only originals because I believe every art piece I create is intended for a certain individual soul that decides to connect with my art ?✨? It’s really important that I work for myself & I give myself all the space to create. ? As an indigenous woman I really want to give indigenous people a voice among creatives. ? I even include free shipping on all my art work cause as a customer I would enjoy that since it’s more affordable ??? by creating art I hope I am able to inspire anyone to create art & a lot my inspiration comes from my fellow artists. ???”


Chandler is a Junior at UT double majoring in Chinese and English while pursuing a Certificate in Global Management. She is serving as one of Her Campus Texas' Campus Correspondents this year, and adores live music, dogs, friends, and mindful living ♥
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