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My 10 Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes 

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One of my favorite shows in television history is The Twilight Zone! The Twilight Zone “is an American science fiction horror anthology television” that ran from 1959-1964. It was my grandmother who first introduced me to the show, and after many re-watches of the classic series, here are my 10 favorite episodes.

The Masks” (Season 5, Episode 25)

“Wealthy Jason Foster is dying and he invites his greedy heirs to a Mardi Gras party where they must wear the masks he specially had made for them or else be cut off from their inheritance.”

The Gift” (Season 3, Episode 32)

“A man from the stars comes with a gift to a small Mexican village whose residents do not welcome this stranger.”

Eye of The beholder” (Season 2, Episode 6)

“A young woman lying in a hospital bed, her head wrapped in bandages, awaits the outcome of a surgical procedure performed by the State in a last-ditch attempt to make her look ‘normal’.”

The Man in the bottle” (Season 2, Episode 2)

“A luckless couple stumbles upon fortune when a genie materializes from a bottle in their antique shop. The genie grants them four wishes but warns them, prophetically, to be careful what you wish for.”

time enough at last” (season 1, Episode 8)

“A henpecked book lover finds himself blissfully alone with his books after a nuclear war.”

The Midnight Sun” (Season 3, Episode 10)

“When the Earth falls out of orbit, two women try to cope with increasingly oppressive heat in a nearly abandoned city.”

Number 12 looks just like you” (Season 5, Episode 17)

“In a future society, everyone must undergo an operation at age 19 to become beautiful and conform to society. One young woman desperately wants to hold onto her own identity.”

It’s A good life” (Season 3, Episode 8)

“On an isolated family farm, a young boy with vast mental powers, but lacking emotional development, holds his terrified family in thrall to his every juvenile wish.”

I Am The night – color me black” (Season 5, Episode 26)

“The Sun doesn’t rise on a small town where an execution is scheduled to take place.”

The Bewitchin’ Pool” (Season 5, Episode 36)

“Two children escape their bickering parents through a portal in the bottom of their swimming pool to a magical land watched over by a kind old woman the children call Aunt T.”

Justice Morris (she/her) is a second-year history and Mexican American Latino Studies double major at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also pursuing a Core Texts and Ideas certificate. Justice is a passionate writer; she enjoys sharing her thoughts on the arts, life as a college student, and her cultural experiences as a Chicana woman. You can find more of her work in The Liberator, the official publication of the College of Liberal Arts.