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The Men in Our Lives: Celebrity Edition

With summer flings right around the corner, it feels as though a mini evaluation of the current and future men in our lives is in order. With that said, the best (and most fun) way to accomplish this is to evaluate them in relation to our favorite Hollywood heartthrobs. Now, let’s figure out if that cute guy you met in class yesterday is actually worth pursuing this summer.

The George Clooney:
This is the smooth talking guy you met on “Classy 6th.” He knows just how to sweep you off your feet but if you’re looking for something long term he is
probably not the guy for you. You see, Clooney no longer believes in marriage after having failed at it back in his E.R. days. Thus, this is the guy who loves a good time and whose charm and wit are irresistible. It may not end up in marriage but that’s not to say you shouldn’t go for it. Maybe you’ll be the girl to change his mind.


The Joseph Gordon-Levitt:
This is that cute intellectual dude you met at a coffee shop or concert. He is somewhat of a smooth talker but he’s also got that side that reads comic books in his spare time and probably plays an instrument. If this sounds enticing to you, you’re going to want to keep him around. He’s not the type of guy who messes with a woman’s heart…unless you mangle his first. Don’t do it! He’s a keeper!
The John Mayer:
Stop. Just stop where you are if you suspect that your could-be summer fling is a ‘John Mayer.’ Unless you’re into heartbreak and frustration I’d steer clear of him. From afar he is the misunderstood, deep and artistic musician but deep down he’s the douche-y dude who is only looking for one thing. Unless you are looking for a very short lived summer fling, I’d go find yourself a country boy like Brad Paisley or maybe a sexy, fun, less douche-y rocker like Lenny Kravitz. They can serenade you too and won’t break your heart along the way.


The John Krasinski:
This guy has a remote link to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt category mentioned above but they are not to be confused. Krasinski is more like the guy in your life who has always been a really close friend (maybe even friend-zoned) because he is just funny and straight up ‘adorkable.’ He’s pretty much the male equivalent of Zooey Deschanel. You always thought he was attractive but you never really looked him that way. Maybe this summer is the time for you to change that, because this guy is definitely a keeper and if you don’t snatch him up first some Emily Blunt-lookin’ gal might steal his heart before you get the chance. This guy is a hot commodity, you just don’t know it yet.
The Ryan Gosling: 
Three words. GET. IT. GIRL. If you have found yourself a ‘Ryan Gosling’ you need to win his heart and then just sit and wait for that ring. This guy knows how to treat a woman. You are going to want him for more than just a summer fling. He is an adventurous, sweet and fun gentleman. He’s the guy who takes his girlfriends to Disneyland for crying out loud!



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