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Thick Thigh Struggles

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You know, for the longest time, thick thighs were the thing that everyone wanted, that “slim thick” look. I have had thick thighs my entire life, and I was never bothered by them, I thought they fit in so nicely with my body shape flowing from my waist to my hips giving my body curves. Yet recently, these thick thighs have been the death of me.

Reason #1: shorts don’t fit “appropriately”

I should really say that some clothes just don’t fit in general, at least not how I would like. For example, I have to size up on many of my shorts and it isn’t because of the waist or like it is tight, but the length of the shorts. I bought the Aerie Crossover shorts and they are so pretty, and look so good on other people, but when I wear them, half of my butt is out, always. Same thing with tennis skorts, any flair shorts, and Nike pros. I always have to be pulling them down every five seconds, especially when I’m walking. The most annoying thing has to be trying to find the size with the right thigh-waist ratio. It is the worst feeling when you try to put something on and it gets stuck in your thighs…

Reason #2: sweat + thighs…

Not sure if I should say swear or the heat, because regardless of which one it is, you get that annoying feeling of your thighs rubbing up against each other (or whatever shorts you have on), thus causing you to get this burning feeling. It is a very annoying and unpleasant feeling to get while you’re just trying to walk around campus!

Reason #3: i look like a rotisserie chicken

My final reason for hating my big thighs is that the hatred towards them has caused me to only see myself as a person with big thighs. No matter what I wear, or what position I am in (sitting, standing, etc.) I feel like my thighs are too big when proportioned to the rest of my body. It’s like you know how the drumsticks pop out and it’s all you see when you go purchase a rotisserie chicken, well that is me with my thighs, they pop out.

I keep saying and wishing that my thighs were not this big. I’d rather be “built like a door” than have to deal with all the struggles that come with thick thighs. You may be in the same scenario as me, may even think that my thighs are not big and that I shouldn’t be so self-conscious about them, but I really just want to be able to wear a cute pair of shorts without feeling like I’m “showing too much.”

Communication and Leadership major @ UT Austin. IG: @stephanie.inclan