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Lights Up on Trey Curtis

In Sister Act 2, Sister Mary Clarence (Whoopi Goldberg) serves Rita (Lauryn Hill) some serious realness. “If you wake up and the only thing you can think of singing, then you’re meant to be a singer, girl.” Clearly, Trey Curtis woke up thinking about performing, because that is exactly what he is meant to do. Curtis will begin his performances of “Usnavi de la Vega”, the main role of In The Heights, a main-stage production of the Tony-award winning musical, next week, and he’s only a freshman. Don’t worry, I feel inadequate, too.

Her Campus Texas: How did you get involved in theater?

Trey Curtis: My mom, who has an extensive background in performing and theater, put me in at a very young age. I did all of my elementary school plays, and starting in first grade I did a bunch of summer campus. I’ve been doing it ever since.

HCTX: What has been your favorite part that you’ve played so far?

TC: Honestly, Usnavi. In The Heights (ITH) is my favorite musical. He was my dream role.

HCTX: Dang, you already answered my next question: what would be your dream role?

TC: Oh yeah, if it wasn’t Usnavi, I guess Benny, Usnavi’s best friend in ITH.

HCTX: That’s awesome that you’ve already been able to play your dream role! How did you feel when you found out you would be playing Usnavi? 

TC: It was mid-afternoon nap for everyone in my house, and I literally ran around the house and woke up everyone. My friends sent texts about the cast list, and I just freaked out. Then I called my mom. She was like, “Say it again!” and she put me on speaker so everyone in her office could hear.

HCTX: How cool! What has become your favorite scene/line in ITH?

TC: My favorite scene is “96,000”, because it is Usnavi, Benny, and Sonny just going on about what they would want to do if they won they lottery. It’s got the most hip hop feel of the songs in the show. It’s a lot of fun. My favorite line to rap is in the club scene, where my date has been taken away by this suave dancer and I say, “Jealous? I’m not jealous, I can take all of these fellas, whateva!”.

HCTX: If you’re into musicals, you clearly like music. What are the five most played songs on your iPod?


1) “Amnesia” – Justin Timberlake

2) “Wait for You” – Chris Brown

3) Anything that Eminem has done

4) “3005” – Childish Gambino

5) “Come Through” – Drake

HCTX: Nice. Now we also know you are into acting, so if could have your life made into a movie, which actor would play you?

TC: Kyle Massey!

HCTX: Describe your ideal date:

TC: First, we would go to a big ol’ inflatable gym like a zoo type of thing.  Then we would go to the studio and record an album together.

HCTX: Amy’s or Tiff’s Treats?

TC: Tiff’s Treats. Those cookies be getting me. Hot layers of cookies with some milk. You know what, I would take those to the studio for the perfect date, too.

Interested in seeing Trey in action? Check out In The Heights, running April 9 – 19.

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