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If you know me, you know that I love listening to almost everything and anything. I love discovering new artists on my Spotify recommendations and obsessing over them for the next few days. I had a period of time last semester where I had a Latin music phase and discovered such great artists and styles that I didn’t think I would listen to — it was definitely the start of my obsession. So now I bestow you my personal favorites that I have discovered over time.

Daniel, Me Estas Matando

One of my favorite bands ever! Daniel, Me Estás Matando, composed of Daniel Zepeda and Iván de la Rijoa, draws inspiration from the world of bolero and reimagines this classic genre with a fresh perspective–calling it ‘bolero-glam’. What sets Daniel, Me Estás Matando apart is their ability to infuse this classic genre with a new twist. They seamlessly blend the rich, melodic traditions of bolero with a modern sensibility, creating a musical fusion that appears to traditional and contemporary music lovers. 

Their music is heavily based on themes of love and heartbreak all with the melody of Latin culture. They manage to capture the essence of Latin culture and lyrics that resonate with the universal themes of longing, desire, and bittersweetness of love’s joy and sorrows. So whatever you’re going through in your love life — they have a song for it.


Maye’s music is like stepping into a world where time slows down. With an ethereal and wistful sound that carries hints of romance, Maye, the Venezuelan-born artist, captures hearts with her bilingual indie bedroom pop style. Once you tune in, it’s like seeing the love of your life at first sight.

One of her most popular tracks, , showcases Maye’s stunning vocals set against a Bossa nova-inspired background, crafting a sweet and romantic melody that exudes the timeless allure of bolero vibes. Of course, her other songs carry different meanings and vibes, but they carry that overall dreamy atmosphere.

Edgar Alejandro

From Guadalajara, Mexico, Edgar Alejandro, a rising musician in the music scene, is leaving a lasting impression with his range and effortlessly span of genres in his music; including norteño, banda, mariachi, pop, and Latin indie. Some of his songs give Luis Miguel energy and I am so here for it. Especially A Tu Lado, it’s a definite add to your Señora Era playlist.

Luna Luna

Luna Luna is a bilingual Latinx band from Dallas, Texas consisting of vocalist Kevin González, drummer Kaylin Marínez, bassist Ryan Gordan, and keyboardist/backup vocals Danny Bonilla. Starting out with their GarageBand app in 2017, they have now grown to releasing three albums and a new EP entitled, L.L., on September 29.  

Their unique musical identity is a captivating blend of rock and pop, spanning from bedroom pop to synth-pop beats. With their bilingual lyrics, their duality encompasses a wide spectrum of music styles that are enjoyable for everyone. 

Ambar Lucid

Mexican-Dominican singer and songwriter, Ambar Lucid, carries a unique brand of alternative Latinx music that showcases her storytelling and empowering voice through her music. Ambar’s ethereal voice and unique musical experience create this dreamy environment. I feel like I’m levitating. With her diverse and innovative music, Ambar Lucid shines as a symbol of authenticity and a trailblazer for Latinx music.


For those who lean towards more rock-infused music, Bruses is for you. From Tijuana, Mexico, Bruses’, also known as Amalia Ramirez, music is characterized by a mix of pop, electronic, and rock genres. What her music incorporates as well are her lyrics that touch upon mental health, creating a connection with her audience. 

I recently discovered Bruses and immediately fell in love with her song, FBI, from her album, Monstruos. This album encapsulates a blend of slow ballads, hints of rock influence, and electronic tracks; blended with her lyrics of a mix of both American and Mexican slang.

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